Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Video - Matt Fishel - Football Song

Finding Matt Fishel and the Football Song seemed almost random, yet I am very grateful. Somewhere along the way, I followed Matt Fishel on Twitter, and this past weekend I saw a Tweet with a link, and I clicked on it. I don't really remember how that happened, but it did. And I have to say Matt is very cute [see above]! There was this video.

Well, I watched it a couple of times, smiling and enjoying the heck out of it. The production values are pretty good for an indie venture, so I was impressed. But ultimately, it is the song itself that impressed me, for it is smart, clever and funny. I couldn't resist, and went to Fishel's MySpace page to find out a bit more, and found a link to buy some songs. I, of course, clicked on it, signed up for an account, and bought both albums by the London-based singer.

So far, I've listened to a couple of the songs and like them muchly. But once I have had a better chance to pay attention, I will let you know about them. Until then, you can find out more about Matt on his MySpace page here. His music is available at All4ArtistsDotCom. You can purchase Fishel's music here.


  1. He's adorable!not as adorable as you are, of course, cuz you are IT for me Babe!!!!

    Love you Howard!

  2. TrannyBeth, he is adorable, I, on the other hand, am charming. Love you to pieces!



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