Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Worship - Just In Time

Jason Warner, left, and deMarco DiCiccio, right.

Jason & deMarco are favorites of mine, and are the first to make multiple appearances in the Sunday Worship posts. This selection was taped at the Joy Metropolitan Community Church in Orlando, Florida, in 2007. Jason and deMarco are adorable and talented boys, and I have all their secular releases. I have yet to see them perform live, but hope to at some point. Anyway, they are a couple, and found one another while performing in the Christian music area. They perform both secular and Christian songs, and are proof that being gay does not automatically prevent people from living good Christian lives.

To discover more music and information about Jason & deMarco, see their website here or their Angel fan club here.


  1. We recently saw a documentary on the duo, which wasn't that bad called "We're all Angels". It was a little to light on the politics and a little too heavy on the self promotion for my tastes, but interesting nonetheless. Certainly, if you like their music, it's worth a look see.

  2. Stan, I have to admit I haven't seen the documentary, but I do love these boys.



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