Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Benny Mardones

Benny Mardones, then and now.

In 1980, an unknown songwriter named Benny Mardones shot up the Billboard charts with a Top 20 hit, Into The Night. The song was all over the airwaves, and the single sold well. It was a favorite at dances and seemed like a popular 'make out' song. Mardones' raspy voice was perfect for the power ballad. Unfortunately, Mardones only found himself on the charts one other time, and that is in 1989 when a radio DJ decided to do a 'Where Are They Now' segment on him, and once again his only hit, Into The Night, hit the charts once again. This seemed to be a movement across the country, and it again hit the Billboard Top 20.

This left Mardones in an interesting position. He falls decidedly into the 'One Hit Wonder' category, with just one song on the charts, yet he had two hits with that one song, nine years apart. There are estimates that Into The Night has been played on the radio more than 4 and a half million times. It appears Mardones still tours, and recently released a new album, Let's Hear It For Love. To find out what Benny has been up to, click here.


  1. Random 80s flashback -- I totally remember seeing Benny rocking Into the Night on Merv Griffin...

  2. I remember the song in 1980 and also the re-release - both times missing the Top 10 - sorry I missed you in NYC (my bad)

  3. Sis, thanks for stopping by and reminding me of Merv!

    SteveA, so sorry it couldn't work out, I was looking forward to meeting you. One day, I hope.



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