Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Str8 Boys Need Love Too - Jason Castro

Jason Castro was a contestant on American Idol two seasons ago, most noted for his gorgeous eyes, electric smile, dread-locked hair and 'Spicoli' personality. While I thought he oozed charm and charisma, I wasn't sure what kind of music he would make, or if he had the voice to make it. But he scored a major label contract, and has been working on an album that is due out early next year, and just released a single and a video that really surprised me. It is quite good. The song is Let's Just Fall In Love Again and thanks to my friend Rickey and his blog, I can post the video.

It is true, I really like the song, but the video is not hurt one bit the handsome singer/songwriter loses the shirt. To be fair, I liked some of his AI performances very much, so it is not entirely shocking I like this. Stylistically, this is a perfect choice for Jason, and he just nailed it. Hopefully, there is much more to look forward to once the album is released. You can find out more at his official website here.


  1. Howard I love this song! Now I'm more excited to see Jason next week :)

  2. He is beautiful. Love his dread locks!

  3. Joni, I love the song too!

    SteveA, he is a handsome man.

  4. Nice nipples dude!



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