Saturday, October 10, 2009

Great Cover - I Will Survive

Just what the world needed in 1997, a new cover of I Will Survive, only this time, sung by the angry white str8 guy. He is turned loose on the song, complete with electric guitars!! That said, I love this version by the band Cake. It is from their second CD, Fashion Nugget.

They did another cover on Fashion Nugget that I really loved. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps was a song written in 1947 by Cuban artist Osvaldo Farrés. Needless to say, Cake put their own spin on it.

You can find out more about Cake on their official website here.


  1. I love Cake! Great version of that song, too. One of my favorites is "Comfort Eagle." It's got that driving beat, and the lyrics are sort of robotic: "We are building a religion, we are building it bigger." Good stuff.

  2. I love Cake - their cover of "I Will Survive" is good - and they put their own Cake twist to it. I particularly love "The Distance" and also the video is good.
    They also did a really good cover of "War Pigs" by Sabbath - they also put their own twist to this metal classic.
    They also did a cover of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up".

  3. Beth, yeah, I like several of the songs, and have a couple of their CDs. Clever, clever boys.

    SteveA, yes, they manage to stamp pretty much everything they do, which is a great thing. But they should be careful with my Rick, I luvs him sooooooo much. :-)



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