Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Gerardo

OK, perhaps I overstated the case. Not so much worth another listen as worth another look at the video. Thank God he was pretty, because 1991s Rico Suave was a both hit song and video - the one and only - for Gerardo. Now, Gerardo Mejia is an A&R guy for Interscope Records, and can be blamed for bringing Enrique Iglesias to the attention of the studio. This offers proof positive just because it was recorded in the 90s, that doesn't make it good.

To find out more about Gerardo, you can see his Wikipedia page here.


  1. He did have a certain sex appeal, I guess, but that horrid song didn't help him at all.

  2. I wanted him so bad and this was back when I didn't even know why I wanted him. LOL. Sexy yes. I wonder how he looks today?

  3. I know you will be shocke ... SHOCKED! ... to learn that I had the MAJOR hots for Señor Gerardo.

    Rico Suave INDEED...


  4. OMG - the song grew on me but initially I hated it - that stupid chorous - RICOO)) SUAVE!

    Guy was hot but I am sticking to my husband - Ricky Martin!

  5. Bob, he was pretty, but sometimes pretty ain't enough. LOL

    Michael, I am at least hoping he has changed the uniform.

    David, I figured you would know this one.

    SteveA, the song never grew on me, but I did think he was rather tasty. And I will still battle it out for Ricky!

  6. Well at least we can get Larry out of the pic :) for Ricky!



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