Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Live Music - Eric Himan - Summer/Fall '09 Tour

Eric HIman,Blog Eric HIman,blog

Eric Himan just amazes me every time. He just completed a solo tour, stopping on the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest. He compiled a video with clips of several of his songs.

Eric is out touring with Eric & the Adams, and getting back in the studio to complete the EP with the band. They are still doing some fundraising to complete the EP, and you can help out by going through the offiical website here. There are also CDs and t-shirts you can purchase.


  1. Derek, I totally agree. His voice is just amazing. While going to see Eric perform, I got to meet Aiden James and Tom Goss, two other great guys. And I am totally looking forward to rockstah-Eric, with Jimmy and Angel Adams. So damn exciting!

  2. Wow - he is good and hot - I want me a tattoo now!

  3. SteveA, yes, he is both. He is also an incredible sweet and generous man. I can't wait to see himon tour with Jimmy and Angel Adams, the incredibly funny and talented brother/sister team.



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