Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Worth Another Listen - INXS - Part 2

OK, in Part 2, I thought I would move on to The Swing, released in 1984, the fourth studio album for the band. It was a huge success in their native Australia, but met with only minor success in the US. However, it did get some airplay, and I certainly remember hearing several of the songs and rushing out to buy it. I was, however, already a fan after Shabooh Shoobah. The first single was Original Sin, a strong song that rode the line between rock and dance, and tackled civil rights and prejudice.

The second single was I Send A Message, with as much soul and swing as any tune could. It is a basic funk line played by a rock band. The following is the studio video, introduced by some boys on there video showcase.

All in all, the band put out 10 studio albums thru 1997, when Michael Hutchence was found dead. This was the fourth. It hinted at the success to come. You can find out more about INXS at the official website here.


  1. As I have said before Howard - don't get me started on this band - I love them - there music was so alive and rich - it made you feel to rock, dance and get ready to go clubbing!
    The Swing is actually my favourite album from the band! Original Sin was an awesome. The lyrics - dream on white boy; dream on black girl and wake up to a brand new day to find your dreams are washed away.
    One test of time with this band is that their music is often remixed and with much success - this song is amazing as a electronic mix!

    Thanks for posting on this band!

  2. SteveA, I adore them as well. I have kinda decided to attack them one album at a time, and drag it out so I can play more of their videos.



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