Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sad News - Stephen Gately

I just saw the passing of Stephen Gately on Saturday, October 10, while on a holiday in Majorca. Gately was only 33. He is survived by his husband, Andrew Cowles, who were joined in a civil union in 2006. Stephen was part of the Irish boyband Boyzone, whom I had featured in an earlier post. While with the band, Stephen came out publicly in 1999. Boyzone had reunited in 2008 for a greatest hits release. In a video for the song Better, Gately was seen with a male partner, something I find both brave and inspiring.

Stephen Gately with partner Andrew Cowles

Gately had a solo career that included a couple of hits in the UK. He was adorable, just cute as a button, very much the boy-next-door type. My favorite was New Beginning, and yes I do have it on my iTunes.

He also had a hit song that was featured in the movie version of Billy Elliott, I Believe.

To the best of my knowledge, Gately had just the one solo album. He had appeared in several musicals, including West End productions of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Boyzone were planning to get together once again, and his bandmates were to join him in Majorca this weekend. Initial reports are they are heartbroken, as they were all very close. I am saddened by the news. I will once again post the video for Better.

Boyzone were Ronan Keating, Stephen Gately, Keith Duffy, Shane Lynch and Mike Graham. My thoughts go to them, as well as with Stephen's family and his partner.


  1. Oh, that's sad.
    i always liked him--he was a cuite--and liked his music. I also admired his openness at a time when others weren't so open.

  2. Stephen my love, well we never met. but i think you was a great person, (an angle that god has sent us) who has been taken away for your man, family and friends and us all to soon. I do hope that you just pass way in your sleep, you are free from this world, and now. you will be waiting for us all, when it is are time. see you soon, will all my love. bye for now.

  3. Bob, I liked him too. And he showed such courage in coming out at a time when many did not. Good for him, and good for all of us.

    Anon, I hear you.



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