Saturday, May 5, 2012

Queer Music Heritage • New Design

Queer Music Heritage

I wanted to let everyone know that JD Doyle launched a new look for the Queer Music Heritage website. I am not only proud to call JD a friend, but I find myself spending time on the site, a great place to learn about music made by members of the LGBT community. His posts highlights some great music available to us all.

Queer Music Heritage

I sometimes think of JD more of a curate of the Queer Music Heritage site, rather than a blogger. I read some of the posts, wanting to gobble up the history he offers. And that wealth of knowledge covers all aspects of the community. From rare pictures to music that is tough to find, there is an abundance of information just waiting for you online.

Queer Music Heritage

And for anyone involved in education, there is also an amazing teacher's guide called Queer Music History 101, a great teaching tool. There are also links the JD's OutRadio, with monthly podcasts offering the best of new music by LGBT artists, as we as segments dedicated to some great artists. This month, JD leads off with a great song by the wonderful Romanovsky & Phillips, Give Me A Homosexual.

Stop by to check out the new look of Queer Music Heritage. You know, I really need to be doing a post about Romanovsky and Phillips, I've been a fan for a very long time. See what a trip to JD's site can inspire?


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