Friday, May 25, 2012

Patti LaBelle & Cyndi Lauper Make Sweet Music

Cyndi Lauper & Patti LaBelle

It is tough for me to think of a more unlikely duo than the soulful Patti LaBelle and the quirky Cyndi Lauper. But as soon as they give voice to the song, you realize you have sold both far too short. Patti uses her remarkable instrument in ways few can. Cyndi might have that odd sound to her voice, but when she lifts it up, she creates a breath-taking music. Here they are appearing on a show Patti had back in 1985. Enjoy as they sing Patti's great hit, "Lady Marmalade."

It seems that turnabout is fair play, and soon the duo is tackling an early hit by Lauper, "Time After Time." I think it is rather brilliant the way they play off one another, and create an interesting jazz-infused version of the Pop classic. Give a fresh listen to "Time After Time."

Hope you are looking forward to the long weekend!

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