Sunday, May 6, 2012

Casey Stratton• When The Fates Came

Casey Stratton - When The Fates Came

Singer/songwriter Casey Stratton was working on a new album, news I love to hear. While still hard at work, he thought about releasing a single, When The Fates Come. Well, Casey figured out he had a couple of songs to share, so why not off up an EP, featuring two versions of the the single, and four other new tracks, all available now. When The Fates Come EP is a return to Pop for Casey, who had put out an album of traditional folk tracks earlier this year with The Parting Glass. In fact, the first track on the EP is the title track, in a pop arrangement that sounds ready for the radio now. That is followed by a spartan mix of piano and voice that I just love. It really amps up the soulfulness of Casey's voice, fully exploring his range. Check it out here.

Track three is a haunting song, All I Am. It opens with an ethereal sound, showcasing his voice beautifully. Like much of Casey's music, I think of this song as bombastic rock anthems with a twist, like when Freddie Mercury took on the music of Highlander. It is moody and and evocative. Broken Circles returns to the Pop feel, only more intimate. Casey splits his time nicely, sometimes being a painter, while others returning to the more traditional role of storyteller.

A Long Time returns to a simpler, soulful sound, almost confessional. This could be my favorite track on the collection. The final cut on the EP is Claws On Wood. It has a strong free-form prose feel, an observational piece about his cats. This oddly combines the talents of T.S. Elliot and Gertrude Stein into something that is quite beautiful, ethereal and playful, all at once. This is a lovely collection, and one you can pick up for a steal at $5.00. For more about Casey Stratton, visit his official website. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter. To purchase When The Fates Came, it can be found exclusively at Casey's official store. To read my review of The Parting Glass, click here.

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