Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gary Morris • Love Hurts


Well, I thought I could accomplish a couple of things with this post, starting with adding a touch of Country flavor to the mix. But I will also admit I am a big fan of Gary Morris, a Country singer with a brilliant voice. Morris could sing just about anything, including taking a couple of amazing turns on Broadway, as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, and as the poet Rodolpho to Linda Ronstadt's Mimi in La Boheme. The man has so much talent, he also managed to gift some to his son, Matt Morris, who is making great music I just love. From Country to Opera, Gary Morris seemed to never shy away from putting his own spin on any genre, as you can see in this great cover of Love Hurts, a song written by Boudleaux Bryant, and first recorded by the Everly Brothers. But it was perhaps best known by the cover done by the rock band Nazareth in 1975. But Morris did a cover as well, taking it on a spin down a Country road. Unfortunately, the song never made it on an album. Thankfully, there is a great video!

For more about Gary Morris, visit his official website. You can find his Greatest Hits Vol. II on iTunes and Amazon.

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