Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cover Songs With A Twist

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Tom Goss
Clockwise: Coyote Grace; Avi Wisnia; Eric Himan; Tom Goss; and Garrin Benfield.

Well, I was going to be coy about this, but to hell with that. It's my birthday today, so I wanted to be surrounded some of my favorites cover songs I've been lucky enough to not only hear live, but to tape, too. And, while I am at it, there are some of my favorite pictures I've taken of these talented and very good looking artists. And, did I happen to mention they are LGBT artists, too? Coyote Grace ended a fantastic set at World Cafe Live last July with a cover of a song by the West Coast band Ma Muse. To add to the fun, they invited singer/songwriter Eric Himan and Ty Greenstein, of the band Girlyman, to make "Hallelujah" a joyful experience.

When I found out Avi Wisnia would be performing at the World Cafe at the Queen in Wilmington, Delaware, I was thrilled to jump at the chance to see him play. Neither me nor my friends were disappointed, and we had a great time. Check out when Avi sings a jazzy cover of TLC's "No Scrubs," written by Kandi Burruss, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fame.

I had been a big fan of Garrin Benfield and his music for several years before I finally had the chance to see him perform live. Afterwards, I could listen to him play forever, and even had a bit of a crush on him. I love the way he utilizes technology to layer his performance, while other times, just let the voice and guitar handle it. One of the times it is just a boy and his guitar is when Garrin sings a cover of the Alex Chilton song, "Thirteen."

I have been a fan of Eric Himan for a long time, hainv found him online and scooping up all the music I could find. Needless to say, whenever he is in the area, I am eager to hear him, and I have never been disappointed. I just saw him again in March, and Eric sang a great acoustic cover of the Police song, "Message In A Bottle."

I first saw Tom Goss when he opened for Eric Himan on tour a couple of years ago. I've been hooked since, attending shows in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even in Delaware. Tom is worth a little travel. While he normally doesn't do many cover songs, at a recent show with Jeffrey Johnson, Tom managed a couple of them. None were more charming than this cover of Jack Johnson's "Better Together".

Hope you enjoyed my birthday gift to me!

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