Wednesday, May 30, 2012

B.Slade™ • Deep Purple • Available Now

B.Slade Deep Purple cover

The amazing B.Slade™ has released more music available, and Deep Purple is another example of his outstanding work, offering up the very best of R&B and Hip-Hop seasoned with just the right amount of sauciness. The out and proud musician offers this 14-track album that delivers over an hour of music, starting with "Mama Jaila's Intro." The music had me ready to move, first while in my chair. It wasn't long before I was out of the chair, dancing around the room. Check out the second cut off Deep Purple, "PHONy PONy," featuring Jaila Simms, Trevon James & DDM.

The music is just amazing, sporting a delicious sheen, just waiting for me to lick it like frothy whipped cream. It was a perfect listen over the holiday weekend, from the smoothness of "TwerK" to the yumminess of the title cut, which recalled the best of Janet Jackson's musical spirit. Give a listen to the sixth cut off Deep Purple, "2 Get 2."

I swear that B.Slade sows seeds of great music to make such strong new music. Listening to the album is like planning an exquisite meal for someone you love. With each cut, you feel it can't top what you have already heard, but quickly you feel the salivary glands kicking in, and you just want to take in some more. I find myself standing up, my hips moving and my fingers running through the hair. I open my eyes to discover I've been moving around the room, turned around from where I started. Take "Never Love This Way," another great cut. It sends me out once again, ready to dance with the rest of the world.

Yeah, that one recalled some of the greatest pop ballads of the 80s, without ever feeling dated or nostalgic. Deep Purple is filled with just joy, such heart, you can help but be touched by it, from beginning to end. B.Slade is in top form, making amazing music I find impossible to resist. Give a listen, and I don't think you will be able to resist, either. For more about B.Slade, visit his official website. You can purchase Deep Purple on iTunes and Amazon.

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