Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GLEE Redux • Props

As we approach the end of season three of Glee, it feels much like the end of high school. We are going to be saying goodbye to some friends who have been felt like an important part of the high school experience, but we have no idea when and if we will see them again. There are three episodes remaining, but two of them will be happening tonight!

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Left to Right: Celine Dion; Irene Cara; Jason Mraz; Taylor Swift; and Michael Sembella.

Kurt and Mercedes are brought in front of Coach Sue, who blames them for the rise of "Unique" with Vocal Adrenaline, who has been getting all the media attention, since Sue made them tell Unique it was great to perform in high school choir in transsexual attire. She wants Kurt to wear a flapper skirt, and be called Procelina. He refuses, and Sue fears they will lose. Cut to Rachel sitting at a mirror, and starts to sing "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz.

She calls the NYADA judges, asking for another chance. If she will come to the National competition. Back in to chorus room, Sue tells them they will recreate Flashdance, and Tina Cohen Chang walks out, upset she has spent three years in the background, watching Rachel as the star. She storms out, and only to be told to keep in her place, she's just a junior. Her time will come. She's been patient, waited all these years, and is never doing more than costumes and background vocals. She's at the mall, still arguing with Michael via text, and she falls and hits her head. When she wakes up, she is greeted by fellow students, sort of. Puck is, well, Blaine, and Finn is now Kurt. As she walks down the hallway, everyone thinks Tina is Rachel. In fact, Santana and Artie have switched, as have Brittany and Mercedes. And Sue and Mr. Schue have switched, too! Of course, she sings the lead on "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion.

She sounds great, and wears a cute pink frock, just like Rachel would. After getting an ovation, she gives a pep talk to Tina (Raachel), who tells her she needs to keep trying with Madame Tibideaux. And that she, Tina (Rachel) knows she must be patient, and helping Rachel (Tina) gives them the best chance to win. Suddenly, Tina is waking up in the mall, and is Tina again. She is greeted by the real Klaine, or is it the real Blurt? Cut to Sue in charge of practice, with the kids in welding helmets, leg warmers, and sparks flying from the metal grinders. There is a battle of wills, as Sue still tries to push Kurt into the whole drag thing. Cut to the girls going to talk to Coach Beiste, for they found out she is back with Cooter, and they want to to get out of the house, and go with them to Chicago. She thanks them, but still refuses. Tina goes Rachel, and offers to take her to see Tibideaux, teaching a class nearby. Back in the chorus room, Sue wants to add more props to the routines, and has ordered 18 little people. She ordered them online. Or wants Kurt to don the drag, but he still refuses. Puck volunteers, willing to do drag for the win, but looks awful. Mr. Schue steps forward, and demands the props stop, and the kids just rehearse the number already. In the hallway, Puck is approached at the locker by Rick "The Stick" Nelson, with his mullet in full display. He rats out Puck on the drag earlier, and wants to fight him after school. In the car on way to see Tibideaux, Tina and Rachel are chatting about pans for the future, with Michael Sembella's Maniac playing in the background.

Puck meets "The Stick" by the dumpster, and the mullet-bound meat-head, and gets his ass kicked. They toss him in the dumpster, and he comes out brandishing a knife. Coach Beiste breaks up the fight, and pulls Puck into the locker room. Puck starts to say how he feels, flunking out of high school again, with a father who ran out on the family, a mother who doesn't care, and what a loser he is. He starts to cry, and Coach gives him a hug, and starts to cry herself. She understands what it is like to be strong, and people think nothing can hurt you. It can. Rachel catches up with Madame Tibideaux, who smacks her down again. Tina jumps to her defense, and softens Madame Tibideaux, but she still sends them away. As they leave, sh is left thinking. Back at Coach Beiste's house, Cooter has a line of crap to say, and she pulls out a knife, the one Puck had in the fight. It's not real, but the one in the kitchen, the one she sleeps with, that is real. She drops the ring on the table, and leaves. He is hurtful, and asks who will love her like he has? She will, she tells him as she walks out. She goes to the theater and sings "Mean" by Taylor Swift with Puck.

They are sharing a moment, that is for sure. Puck was rehearsing for Nationals, but Coach has some news. He will be retaking the test he needs to graduate, and she will help him get ready. He's helped her more than he'll ever know, getting out of the abusive marriage. In the chorus room, Sugar Motta is complaining about Rachel, but Tina steps up, and defends her. She tells them to show some respect for the team, and put in the work. their day will come. On the stage, Rachel is rehearsing, singing "Flashdance... What a Feeling" by Irene Cara.

She calls Tina out from the wings, and the duet on the song. Soon they are running through the hallways together, and get on the bus, bound for Nationals.

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