Tuesday, May 8, 2012

GLEE Redux • Prom-asaurus

We start off with Rachel wallowing in what she sees as the death of her dreams. Her failure at the auditions for NYADA has left her adrift, only looking forward to the Prom. In the bathroom, she has a conversation with Becky, who points out Rachel's failures. Brittany is called into Principal Figgins office, who points out she has done nothing since her election. She must take over the plans for the Prom. She fires the Prom committee, and announces her theme - Dinosaurs.

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Coach Sue makes the morning announcements, and we learn that Rick "The Stick" Nelson, Brittany Pierce, and Finn Hudson are nominated for Prom King, and Missy Gunderson, Santana Lopez, and Quinn Fabres are nominated for Prom Queen. In the chorus room, Brittany announces the prehistoric theme. And that hair gel is banned. Blaine laughs, but she tells him it is true, for there was no gel during the times of the dinosaurs, and she thinks he uses too much. In the hallway, Rachel loses her temper when she sees a poster Finn and Quinn for King and Queen, and goes to Finn to explode on him. She does, and he reminds her Quinn is in a wheelchair, and they are running as a pair to help her. And, she can't really dance, so cool down. Meanwhile, Quinn is in therapy, flirting with dreaded Joe, talking about working hard so she can walk into Prom. Becky walks through the hallway, speaking in Helen Mirren's voice, about her disappointment. Sue explains she didn't have the votes, but she will go to Prom with Sue. In the auditorium, Rachel starts singing "Big Girls Don't Cry," by Fergie.

She is joined by Kurt, and soon Blaine. After the trio, they talk about the miserable time they will have at Prom, and they decide to have an anti-Prom party. They announce it, and it seems fine, until Santana smacks her down, and tells her selfish, wanting to steal the joy of prom from everyone. In the hallway, Quinn and Finn are hanging posters, and Quinn is laying down a line of crap about her "withering" legs, going for the pity vote. It seems to be working. But Finn is a bit bothered by it all. Next thing we know, Mike and Tina are walking into Prom, seeing dinosaurs everywhere, including dancing with Brittany while she sings "Dinosaur" by Ke$ha.

Sue is working the refreshments table, and mentions her punch includes Visine, making sure it is not a late night. This causes Finn to go looking for Quinn in the ladies room, when he discovers her standing by the mirror, out of her wheelchair. He is furious. In a hotel room, Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Puck, and Becky are at the anti-Prom, at a loss at what to do. Well, Becky wants to play strip poker, especially with Puck. At the Prom, Santana is singing the Selena Gomez & The Scene song,"Love You Like a Love Song."

Sam is dancing with Mercedes, but she notices her old boyfriend, Shane. Finn is dancing with Quinn, still in her wheelchair. He is angry with Quinn, and wants her to stand up and dance. She refuses, and soon Artie and Joe come up, and there is shoving. Sue comes over and threatens to toss Finn out of the Prom, but he leaves on his own. It leaves Joe steaming just a little bit. Back at the hotel, and the gays are bored. Kurt will go to Prom if Blaine wants to, but he is fearful of the gel ban. His hair will be a mess. Finn shows up, with a corsage. He tells them Prom sucks without his girlfriend and his friends. Rachel and the boys join him, but Puck stays at the hotel, and Becky still wants to play strip poker. At the Prom, Joe starts singing One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

He is quickly joined by the other boys, but Blaine is off to get the gel out of his hair. Back at the hotel, Puck is down to undies and socks, and he finds out how Becky is hurt she wasn't nominated for Prom Queen. He gets dressed, and does a makeshift crown, and crowns her Queen of the anti-Prom. They head out of the hotel, with cardboard crowns still atop their heads. Rachel pulls Quinn aside, to apologize for her jealousy. She explains how she was still jealous of the beautiful, popular cheerleader who had Finn as a boyfriend. Not the new, modest, wheelchair-bound girl that she considers her friend. This takes Quinn aback, just as she and Santana go into a room to count votes. Puck and Becky enter the Prom, their crowns sitting high on their heads. Becky distracts Sue as Puck spikes the punch, and gets Becky a glass. In the election room, we hear Brittany only had four votes, and Finn was the Prom King. And Quinn has one more vote than Santana, but it doesn't make her feel better. She has a plan, and enlists Santana's help. Blaine comes out without gel, a bushy-haired boy indeed. Brittany suggests he can use gel, but Kurt loves him au naturel. Principal Figgins in there to announce the winners, and Finn is Prom King. When he announces the Queen, there is momentary shock, for he says with a write-in vote, Rachel is the Prom Queen. Santana and Quinn smile, and we know they made up the results. The first dance begins, and Quinn sings "Take My Breath Away" by 1980s supergroup, Berlin.

Tina cries in Mike's arms, sad the year is coming to an end. While singing, Quinn stands up, held by Santana. Kurt and big-haired Blaine slow dance together, and get their Prom picture. Finn is holding Rachel close, and she believes that if she can be voted Prom Queen, anything could be possible. The camera pulls out, and we see the crowded gym floor as it fades to black.

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