Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Idol Season 11 • Top 4 Results

Last night the Top Four put their performances forward for all to enjoy, hoping to get your vote and make it to the next level. The Top 3 will get to go home, to parades and cheers, not the sad walk home in fourth place. In fact, the show starts with some of the home town visits of the past, with Carrie, Lee, Kris, Adam, Elliott Yamin, Haley, Scotty and Lauren often overwhelmed by the outpouring of affection of the folks who stayed at home, voting for their hometown hero. With their efforts, those people truly helped them make the Idols dreams come true. But for tonight, will there be a surprise elimination, or will the expected become history? Only time will tell.

American Idol Season 11 Top 4
Jennifer Lopez David Cook
Clockwise from top: The Top Four; David Cook; and Jennifer Lopez.

Crusty is out front, following the video of the hometown visits. The studio audience is cheering loudly. He introduces the Top Four, who come out to sing the Mamas & the Papas huge hit, "California Dreamin'."

After the Ford music video, we move to the results. Phillip is up first, and we are reminded of his performances. Jimmy Iovine loved it, only to be topped by his second performance. We learn that there were nearly 70 million votes were cast, and we won't learn the results quite yet. Hollie is up next, and how the judges loved the first song, but not the second. Jimmy I liked it, but was not fond of the second. He felt she did not have what it takes to sing the song, and, in fact, crashed and burned. Hollie is sent back to the couch, for results that will be revealed later. Season 7 winner David Cook is on hand to sing his latest single, "The Last Song I'll Write For You."

The song was released just today, and it is a special performance. The song has David's signature all over it, sounding like him. He does a great job performing it. You can purchase the single on iTunes and Amazon.

After a commercial break, it is time to look back at Joshua's performances. Jimmy I wasn't fond of the first performance, but he loved the second, thought it was Joshua's best of the season, especially when he was singing/speaking in tongues.He is sent back to the couch, and it is time to review Jessica's night. While Jimmy I didn't love the first song, finding it more impersonation than artistic expression, he thought she murdered the second, nailing every aspect she could. He loved it, and dropped a great review from Tommy Mattola, who thinks she is the real deal. Jessica is sent back to the couch with the others, the results to be learned later in the program. But first we get to hear/watch Jennifer Lopez perform the hit song by her and Pitbull, "Dance Again."

Now, watching the shirtless hunks dance with her might be fun, but the 'enhanced' vocals were rather amusing to me, coming from the judge of this live singing competition. But we got to see her post-Marc Anthony boytoy, Casper Smart. Well, if you enjoyed that recording, you purchase the studio recording on iTunes and Amazon.

After a break, we hear that Steven is very impressed with Phillip, and how far as he has come on his Idol journey. Jennifer is brought to tears by her memory of Hollie's audition, and the tough and lovely journey she has taken. Randy is so glad they turned Joshua away on his first trip, and he came back an even better performer. And when asked about the trick Jessica uses, according to Jimmy, Jennifer asks if he meant the trick of really great singing... Well, Crusty takes control again, and jumps to the results. We learn that Jessica is through to the Top Three, as is Joshua. But who will join them? We will learn that, after the break. That is when we learn that the it is Hollie is ending her Idol journey, and Phillip is in the Top Three.

Hollie Cavanagh

It is no surprise, she sings "The Climb" as her exit song. There is a messy beginning of the song, when she pops in at the wrong time, but the band regroups, and soon she is hugging the remaining three. We see Joshua in tears, and soon she is shaking the hands of the judges. That just might have been one of the best sing-offs ever. Perfect song for not winning, and she was quite composed hugging everyone. Way to go out, Hollie.

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