Thursday, March 31, 2011

AI10 The Sun Will Go Down for 2 Tonight

American Idol Top 11

I have to admit that before the show starts, I have no real idea about what will happen tonight, and who will be going home. Because of the Judges' Save used last week, two contestants will be ending their Idol journey, and will it be two of the bottom three last week, Thia, Stefano or Casey? Or will it be another, someone who can no longer be saved? Will a guy finally be heading home, or will it be two more of the ladies?

AI Judges 2011 CU

Crusty comes on and tells us 55 million votes were placed, and we shall soon see who America was banking on this week. This is a record for this point in the competition. And they are changing things up, having not a group number, but a bunch of teams singing. First up, Lauren and Scotty perform American Idol winner Carrie Underwood's song, I Told You So. Carrie had sung it with Randy Travis. I can't help but notice that Lauren's emotional delivery is overshadowing Scotty's vocals.

Time for result, and we discover both are safe, and will return next week.After the break, there is the Ford Music Video, and the kids singing Kryptonite by 3 Door Down. Naima and Jacob are up next, singing Ashford & Simpson's great pop song, Solid. They have some fancy footwork.

Time for more results, and one is in the bottom 3, while the other is safe. The person in danger of elimination is Naima, certainly not great news for someone who in my opinion is one of the best live performers on that stage this year. It is time for Fantasia to come out and sing her latest single, Collard Greens & Cornbread. Within moments of her singing, you realize that no one this season comes close to the charisma and talent of this woman.

After the song, she tells the contestants that the first love has got to be the music. And keep it real, listen to people who will be honest. Haley, This and Pia come down to perform Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. These girls are very different, and don't really blend well together. So, I will lay on a little GLEE.

Time for the results, a quick recap from Crusty, and we discover Pia is safe. Haley is also safe, and that leaves Thia in the bottom three. Wow, going from last week, with two guys in the bottom and one slated to go home, to at least one, may be two of the ladies leaving. After a break, we discover they are moving as the mansion they were living in was leaking. They also went through the busy schedule of the week. Paul, Casey, James and Stefano sing Band On The Run, the great song by Paul McCartney and Wings. I have to admit, that was a bit of a mess. Paul sounded pretty good, but as a group, that wasn't pretty, and far from tight. I'd rather listen to Sir Paul.

Results are in, and Casey is the first one safe. Next we find out that James is safe, leaving Stefano and Paul, one of whom is going to complete the bottom 3. The final person in danger of going home is Paul, clearing both of the men in the bottom last week. Next up we have and Jamie Foxx singing Hot Wings from the movie soundtrack to Rio.


So we come back from the commercial break, and learn that the person safe tonight is Paul, and Thia and Naima are heading home. So the first four sent home are ladies, with the assist of the judges.

Thia Megia

Naima Adedapo

Next week, might America go for 5 ladies in a row? And next season, will they just put up signs at the auditions that say "Ladies Need Not Apply"?

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