Thursday, October 8, 2009

Movie Moment • I Say A Little Prayer For You

My Best Friend's Wedding COVER

Sometimes you come across moments in movies that are perfect creations, even if the rest of the movie might not hold up to the same scrutiny. My Best Friends Wedding holds up that tradition for me. The movie was inconsistent and filled with some terribly contrived story lines, but when Rupert Everett [and I whole-heartedly admit to have the hots for the pre-surgical Rupert] joins the table as the token gay/fake fiancee, he did light up the screen, especially in the musical number, I Say A Little Prayer For You.

Another glorious moment came later on as the preparations for the reception were in full swing, and some cute boys inhaled the helium before singing the incredibly saccharin Annie's Song, the John Denver classic. Indeed, it had been over-played, but this put a rather nice twist on it. Having the munchkins performing in the background of a pivotal scene added little to the movie, but I remember it more than the silly story.


  1. The "Say a Little Prayer" moment made this entire movie. Such a feel good scene. I love it.

  2. Michael, I have to agree, it was a great scene. Rupert so stole it, too!

  3. That scene was great - loved it! I have this movie on DVD - it's like a "feel good" movie for me even though you wanted to clubber Julia Roberts for being a biatch!



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