Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drake Jensen • Scars

Canadian artist Drake Jensen has lent his voice to battle bullying with the release of the amazing song, Scars. The production is pure Country, and the song is sung straight from the heart. Drake tells the tales of the of the young boys and young girls who have been picked on, both physically and mentally, with little hope of relief.

Share this song and pass is on to others who might help the children now and in the future to no longer have to fight against bullies. The relief they need comes in many forms, from the understanding shoulder to cry on, to the responsible adult who stands for making this world a better and safer place for each new generation. You can find Scars on iTunes, and CD Baby. The proceeds from the download sales will be donated to You can also find his album On My Way To Finding You album on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. For my review of the album, read my earlier thoughts here. You can find out more about Drake Jensen on his official website.

Drake Jensen Scars COVER

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