Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marshall Crenshaw's EP Plan

Marshall Crenshaw

Now, I have been a fan of Marshall Crenshaw and his music for a ridiculously long time. In truth, I think I was introduced to Marshall by my sister Kim, way back when, over 30 years ago. In an odd way, I kinda consider Marshall to be my first singer/songwriter. While there were others before him, he was one of the first of my own generation, although all helped me develop a taste for music, and a greater understanding how music can speak directly to your heart and soul. I still love listening to his 1985 album Downtown, one of my favorites. It has one of my favorite songs on it, Little Wild One (No. 5), a song which continues to intrigue and beguile me with it's sexy and sultry ways.

When I got an email this weekend that Marshall was not following me on Twitter, I practically squealed with delight. I had to catch up with whatever was up for Marshall, since I last checked him out, which wasn't all that long ago. in 2009, I purchased Jaggedland, a surprisingly good album. However, I discovered he was trying to get the funding together to release a series of six EPs. Well, Why don't I let him tell you about it.

Well, needless to say, I had to jump right on this. You see, it is Marshall, for God's sake! Crenshaw manage to combine the soul of R&B and the storytelling of Country, the classic recipe for Rock 'N Roll. His lyrics were smart, and often funny, something we could use more of in music. That was true on my first listen, and still true today. Check out his first bit hit, Someday Someway, from his eponymous first album in 1982.

So that takes me back to a time when I saw Marshall performing live, and realize it has been way too long since I did that. And so many songs I just loved, like You're My Favorite Waste Of Time, There She Goes Again, Cynical Girl, Blues Is King, I'm Sorry (But So Is Brenda Lee), Maryanne, and one off the latest album, Eventually.

So, if you are ready to make an investment in your aural pleasure, I would suggest you step up and check out the incentives on Marshall's Kickstarter page. Don't have the money right now? Post the link on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and see if someone you know would like to partake. To find it, you just have to click on the widget below.


  1. Fantastic! Everybody keeps saying that the music "industry" is dying, but here's an artist who's actually doing something about it, taking the reins in his own hands and getting music directly to his fans. And hopefully finding a few new fans, too! Thank god for Kickstarter.

    I too love Marshall's music -- it speaks to me very personally. So great to find another fan!

  2. Holly, Yes, Marshall has had me for far too long now, always eager to hear more great music. And I am proud to be a part of his kickstarter campaign.



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