Thursday, April 26, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Top 6 Results

Well, as I prepare for the results show, I just live in fear as to what might happen, and who I might still have to endure. Queen wasn't too kind to the contestants, but that didn't stop the hapless judges from jumping to their feet for three performances. And, if I remember correctly, they didn't bother answering those performances when asked for the highlight of the sessions. Go figure.

American Idol Season 11 Top 6
Stefano Langone Katy Perry Queen

Soon the judges are coming through the audience, and find their seats. Crusty comes out to announce 58 million votes were cast, almost 10 million more that a year ago, when there were more viewers... How does that work? Well, I'll shake that off and move forward. He then introduces what has kinda become the tribute band for Queen, despite having Brian May and Roger Taylor playing. I have to admit, the faux-Freddie was pretty good. Well, for an imitation. But it somehow seems oh-so-right to have them on American Idol, doesn't it? Oh, I heave a sigh and move on. They played the Ford Music Video, and it was just so wan, I have to ignore it. They went to TMZ to give some blatant publicity to them, and for little other reason. Jessica and Elise are called to the stage. Jessica hears from Jimmy, that she was not good with Bohemian Rhapsody, but struck gold with Dance With My Father. Jimmy didn't like Elise, thinking she sounded like a night club act. Jessica is safe, and Elise is in the bottom three. After a break, Crusty pushes tickets to the tour, and is joined by Casey Abrams, furrier than ever. They joke about the tour, and soon introduce one of Casey's compatriots from last season, Stefano Langone. He's there to sing I'm On A Roll.

Really? That was a song? Well, it's not like I expected better from Stefano. I'll try to cleanse that from my memory as we move forward. We all must agree to never mention it again. Thank you. So, after a break, Crusty has Hollie and Joshua on stage with him. Well, the judges loved them both, but Jimmy thought was she not bad doing Queen, and was great singing The Climb. He said Joshua was amazing, and should be making it to the final. So, we learn that Hollie is in the bottom three, and Joshua is safe. After a break, Crusty rushes to introduce Katy Perry, who will perform Part Of Me.

Well, she did that with some sort of military feeling, and it at least helped to distract me from her singing live. Well, taped live, at least. After another break, it is time for Skylar and Phillip to hear the reviews from last night. Jimmy loved Skylar doing Queen, but didn't like the country song. In the slightest. Jimmy wasn't happy with Phillip, either. Thought he lacked energy and focus. But after the vote, Phillip is safe, and Skylar is in the bottom three. Crusty brings Elise and Hollie out with Skylar, and then sends Skylar back to safety. After a break, it is time for Crusty to send Elise home. This is so very sad, but not unexpected. And it is now the judges decide to get to their feet for her. Elise is excited, she gets to sing Whole Lotta Love on her way out.

Elise Testone, American Idol Season 11

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