Thursday, April 19, 2012

We The Ghost • Live On 97.5 KMOD • FREE

We The Ghost - Live On KMOD

We The Ghost have released a new album of live music recorded at a recent interview/performance for 97.5 KMOD radio. The EP includes live versions of some of the songs that were on the earlier My Mixtape Summer album. The live sounds cuts a bit edgier with a heavier rock sheen for the instruments, and a bit more gravel in the vocals. But it doesn't sacrifice the smooth Pop sound, just adding a sweet depth to the tracks.

To get the FREE DOWNLOAD, go to the Bandcamp site HERE. There you can click on the cover for the Live album and get it for FREE. You can also click on the cover for My Mixtape Summer, and purchase it for under $5.00! For more about We The Ghost, visit their official website here.


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