Monday, April 9, 2012

Being Human SyFy • It's My Party & I'll Die IF I Want To

SyFy Being Human Season 2

Tonight at 9PM/8PM Central, the SyFy Channel will are the latest episode of Being Human, the original American series based on the BBC show. The story centers on the "lives" of three supernatural roommates; a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf. As a naming convention for the episodes, they have adapted some of the great songs in music history, and put a supernatural twist on it. Tonight's episode, It's My Part & I'll Die If I Want To, takes the name from the iconic song sung by Lesley Gore in 1963. This song hit #1 on the pop and rhythm and blues charts in the United States, and catapulted Gore to stardom. Here is the now out-and-proud lesbian singing It's My Party.

The SyFy series stars Sam Witwer as Aidan, Sammy Huntington as Josh, and Meaghan Rath as Sally. They are the vampire, werewolf and ghost, respectively. Tonight's episode, the final of the second season, will show us how Josh copes with the death of his ex-fiance, Julia. We will also see how Aidan and Suran deal with life on the run, and figure out what is going on with Sally. Will Josh listen to Nora, and cure the werewolf curse by killing his were-daddy? Here is a preview of the episode, It's My Party & I'll Die If I Want To.

Don't forget to tune in at 9PM/8PM Central Monday night on SyFy! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from the second season on both iTunes and Amazon.


  1. Where can I buy the song I'll Die If I Want To.?

  2. ArchieBNorris, if you are meaning the Lesley Gore song "It's My Party", then you can find it on iTunes and on Amazon



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