Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GLEE Redux • Big Brother

This is my recap of the most recent episode of GLEE, with music and videos of the original artists, not the Gleeks. Tonight's episode, Big Brother, featured the astonishingly handsome Matt Bomer as Blaine's older brother. That alone is worth a watch. And Big Brother was directed by Eric Stoltz, who I remember quite fondly as an actor in such great movies as Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Back To The Future, Some Kind Of Wonderful, and Mask.

Elton John Duran Duran
Gotye_560398-gotye christina_aguilera_24-normal
Clockwise from top: Elton John; Duran Duran; Givers; Christina Aguilera; and Gotye.

The show opens with Rachel and Finn talking about the wedding that was postponed in the wake of Quinn's accident. That is when Quinn pulls up in her wheelchair, talking about how happy she is. She is joined by Artie, and they start with Elton John's I'm Still Standing.

She talks to the class, mentioning she is recovering and will be dancing by Nationals. In Principal Figgins' office, Sue discovers that she will be joined by Roz as co-coaches of the Cheerios. To cut that off, she promises to bring the Glee National title to McKinley. She takes over the Booty camps, and is tossing Androids, and being generally abusive, as Sue is wont to do. Mr. Schue tries to intercede, mentioning that it seems pregnancy has not made for a kinder and gentler Coach Sue. But soon, he and Ms. Pillsbury will be joining her for an ob-gyn appointment. Blaine and Kurt are walking down the hallway, talking about Blaine's brother. The exceedingly handsome brother shows up, and we learn he is the spokesman for FreeCreditReport.Com. Puck catches up with Finn, and wants to talk about a business opportunity. There are many more pools in southern California, so Puck wants to move the pool-cleaning business there. And he wants Finn to co-own with him. Fin is not on board, as he is moving the New York with Rachel. Sue pulls him aside, and will be teaching an acting class. He mentions he and Blaine were famous for their Simon LeBon impressions. So they sing a mash-up of Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf...

And Duran Duran's Rio.

Afterwards, when discover Cooper Anderson, Blaine's brother, is quite vain, and really suffocating to Blaine. Later, at dinner, Cooper is telling Blaine how he can get better, and when Blaine brings up past issues, Cooper claims no memory. But wants to make sure Blaine is for his class. Quinn is encouraged to try a steep handicap ramp by Artie. He asks her to join him for Senior Ditch Day. In the Acting Masterclass, Cooper is giving advice about the #1 acting secret - pointing. And ignoring the other actors totally. When he is questioned by Blaine, Cooper shuts him down with more silly advice. Puck and Finn are working on a pool, and a good-looking cougar comes out to hit on Finn, and then Puck mentions how hot the ladies are in California. Sue goes with Schue and Ms. Pillsbury to her doctor, and finds out she is having a girl. Only, there are irregularities with the amniocentesis. Back at the school, Cooper is sucking up all the attention he can, calls Blaine "squirt" and bags on his wardrobe. Blaine goes off, and sings Christina Aguilera's Fighter.

Finn almost walks into another student while texting, and wheelchair-bound Quinn calls him on it. She also announces that she and Artie will be having their Own Senior Ditch Day, Artie-style. Sue is back at her desk, and Becky comes in to congratulate her for having a baby girl. And advises her to work on her patience... Artie and Quinn go to a skaterz park, and are rolling away with other challenged athletes, singing the Givers' Up Up Up.

We also see clips of the other kids at the amusement park, on roller coasters and all. Quinn is so glad Artie planned this day, but really doesn't relate to the kids there, for her condition is only temporary. Artie tries to tell her he was there once, but the sooner she accepts reality the better. Quinn is angry, and storms off. Back in school, Quinn is approached by dreadlocked Christian boy, Joe Hart. He is kind, and she invites him to join her and the New Directions. Sue gives a sweet speech, and it seems pregnancy is doing something. Kurt convinces Blaine to join Cooper in the auditorium, to try to iron out their relationship the way Blaine does best - by singing cover songs. He and Cooper sing a break-up anthem, Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know, featuring Kimbro.

It is angry and slightly yucky to have brothers sing that relationship song. They share a tender moment after the shout at one another. They are closer at the end, and will hug and make it better. They run off, and make an audition tape for Michael Bay, who has cancelled Cooper's audition. At Finn's locker, Rachel and Finn discuss the future. Finn mentions moving to California, which throws Rachel. She needs to be in New York City, and needs Finn with her. He is feeling a bit left out of the discussion, more like a subplot to a show. Rachel is left speechless. Next week, it is time for a disco celebration on Saturday Night Glee-ver!

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