Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Christopher Dallman • Subterranean (SIRPAUL Mix)

Subterranean SIRPAUL Remix

I am not sure there is anything more exciting that the collaboration of two amazing artists I love. So imagine how happy I am that the creative SIRPAUL™ mentioned that he was working on a remix of Christopher Dallman's beautiful Subterranean. I've been a big fan of both men, appreciating their painting of my aural landscape with such a deft hand. Now they are joining forces, and making the landscape that much better.

As I would expect, SIRPAUL did a great job on the remix, laying in a driving beat that is every bit as much Rock as Dance, a perfect match to bring to the front the edge in Dallman's voice. Well, you can hear it yourself above, or buy it and listen as often as you'd like. You can find Subterranean on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. You can find out more about Christopher Dallman at his official website, and SIRPAUL on his official website.

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