Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Morning with Darci Monet

Darci Monet

This Sunday morning, I thought I might introduce a new singer to the blog, via two amazingly beautiful songs that are really a gift to all who listen. Darci Monet is a classically and commercially trained professional vocalist, vocal coach, independent recording artist and award-winning songwriter. I first came across her a few years ago when she collaborated with Levi Kreis, both as a songwriter and a singer. In fact, it was her work with Levi on his wonderful The Gospel According To Levi that let me know she was a very talented woman. Check out her duet with Kreis on the It Is Well With My Soul by Levi Kreis, a hymn by Horatio Spafford and Philip Bliss.

The two seem to enjoy the artistic relationship, as they did it again for Monet's album, Fusion. Go On features music by Darci and Levi, and lyrics by Monet. The song was a single off the 2009 album, when Darci was joined on the song by Levi and Debby Holiday. Beautiful and uplifting, the song speaks to the beauty and strength of life, when people who face an uphill climb decide to pull themselves together an valiantly Go On.

For more about Darci Monet, visit her official website. You can find Go On on Fusion, which is available on iTunes and Amazon.


  1. Howard, thank you so much for featuring me! What a lovely surprise this morning. :-)

  2. Darci, you are very welcome. Thanks for sharing your music!



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