Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Top 7 Results

I'll have to be honest here. As we prepare to tonight's elimination of once member of the Top 7 group, I am not really definite what will happen. Watching last night, I know my least favorite of the night were Phillip Phillips, Hollie Cavanagh, and either Joshua Ledet or maybe Colton Dixon. With that known by all, I find it interesting how I thought four out of seven could end up in the bottom, knowing full well that 2 of the 4 might be getting by on other things...

american-idol-2012-top-7-hdr American Idol Judges & Ryan, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler
Jennifer-Hudson-Ne-Yo-Think-Like-A-Man-Rick-Ross JamesDurbinBlogImage
Clockwise: The Top Seven; The Judges; James Durbin; and Jennifer Hudson & Ne Yo.

With a brief recap of what happened behind the scenes last night, the judges are introduced, as is Crusty. He tells of exciting performances from James Durbin and Jennifer Hudson, with Ne-Yo. But first, the Top Seven perform an amazingly awkward version of Raise Your Glass by Pink.

Wow, that was pretty bad. They quickly move to a Ford Music Video, but I will choose to ignore it. Really. But then Crusty talks about Tweets from singers, invites to the prom, and jewelry gifts. But soon it was time for the for business, and Crusty asks Hollie and Jessica to join him on the stage. Jimmy I talks about both, saying Hollie is stiff and stilted, and Jessica just free and easy. So, after the vote, Hollie is sent to the right side of the stage, and Jessica to the left. Oh, Lawdy, they are going to put two groups of three on the stage, and have some unsuspecting fool pick who they think is safe. Such a cheap and tired trick. But before they get any further, it is time for the first guest performance of the night, James Durbin singing Higher Than Heaven, off his album A Beautiful Disaster.

Well, that was an odd performance, sort of reminiscent of bad hairband metal from a time long ago. He brags about clearing 100,000 units sold since the release, which gives me pause to think. Then I decide to not waste my time and move forward. Back to Crusty and the results. Phillip and Elise are pulled out, and given the recap treatment. Jimmy I talks about the performances, and thinks both will be in the bottom three. Phillip joins Hollie on the right, and Elise joins Jessica on the left. Then, of course, it is time for a break. On the return, it is time for the only Idol alumni with both a Grammy and Oscar. It is Jennifer Hudson and Ne Yo to sing Think Like A Man. The video features Rick Ross.

This is a nice, complex staging of a rather forgettable song. Crusty tries to talk to them, but it seems Jennifer's microphone was not turned on. Was it live, or was it Memorex? With Hudson's voice, why wouldn't they let her do it live? I think it was just a post-performance issue. After an exceedingly long break, Colton and Joshua are called to the stage. Yet again, we revisit the performances, and the judges comments. They loved them. Jimmy I was also loved them both. Joshua is sent to join Elise and Jessica, and Colton is joining Hollie and Phillip. Crusty goes to join Skylar in the seats, and the review the judges comments, and Jimmy I loves her, and fears she might be left behind. We hear that Skylar is safe, and Crusty asks her to pick the group that is safe, and she refuses. But he places her with Hollie, Colton and Phillip, all who are safe. The judges are appalled that Elise, Joshua and Jessica are the bottom three, and Steven announces they will use the save tonight. Wow, that just killed some of Nigel's thunder, didn't it? So, did the judges think Colton, Phillip and Hollie should be in the bottom? Or Skylar replacing one of them? Well, first they send Joshua back to safety, and Elise is safe. Jessica will be singing for her life. She starts to sing, and the judges storm the stage, and use the Save. And then Randy complains that Jessica is one of the best singers in America, and how could the voters not support her? Yep, that is what we needed, to be berated. Nice, Randy.


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