Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SIRPAUL™ • The Horse Available Now!

SIRPAUL™ has released a new album, and it is amazing. The Horse is a colossal 15-track collection. From the start to the finish, it is evident this is a Thoroughbred, earning a blanket of roses with a display of superior ability and incredible grace. The echoing sound of hooves beating down move closer, and your pulse increases. No, not for fear of being run over by a horse, but because you know SIRPAUL™ is going to take you on another incredible journey with his latest release, The Horse. The opening track was Ride.


With the opening chords of Human Machine, SIRPAUL encourages us to look inward to make ourselves the best we could be, not wait for some external upgrade. That is followed by the sensual treat, Body Connection. The single features a collaboration with Loco Ninja.

Body Connection featuring Loco Ninja

On songs like Body Condition, and King of the World, there is the overwhelming thoughts of trying to make yourself better, stronger, and figuring out how to do that in this modern world. I feel the punk influences of bands like Debbie Harry’s Blondie. Lay It On Me turns the conversation to love, and how we fumble our way to it. The opening of Glow slows it down for a few bars, before free-falling into love with a driving beat.

I have to admit, when I first saw the song title for Like A Horse , I had a giggle and my silly teenaged brain. However, the song is sweet ballad to love. The next track, The Beat of my Heart, has the feel of a slick 1980s New Wave track with free-form prose over a synthesized beat. SIRPAUL shifts gears on In Your Eyes, a call for love in the sweetest way. The 5th Pocket changes up once again, with a darker beat and sound making sure we all "check yourself." There are a couple of tracks that amp up the darkness, more dense and foreboding. In fact, I’d say Strict, Hardcore Crazy and Dark Beat seemed to be coming from a different place than the others. They sound like they come from a darker, edgier part of your soul. Do they shine some light in there for you? “No,” he answered. “They reveal the darkness by pulling you into it with me.”


There is something hypnotizing about Nude, a strong song about love, and the emotional catharsis of how love freshens out souls. The album ends with Universal Love (Sing A Song), driven by the passion of love, celebrating love with a shout from the streets and hitting the dance floor. It is a celebration of life and love, a Dancing In The Streets for a new age.

Once again, SIRPAUL has made me a believer in his talent, and I hope you, too. You can purchase the Horse on iTunes and Amazon. Get your copy now, so you don't have to wonder what took you so long.

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