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Being Human BBC • Making History

Tonight at 9PM/8PM Central, BBC America will air the latest episode of the supernaturally good series Being Human. This episode is Making History, and I'm telling you, I thought I would not be able to get past Mitchell, George or Nina being gone, but then there was Hal. Who knew I could fall for another vampire? But before I start in on tonight's episode, I will begin where I left off for Puppy Love. Well, the final 15 minutes. I'll start with Tom staking a vampire, and getting his first kiss, from Allison. She feels quite the rush from it, and they head back to the B&B, and Tom's room. After he clears his pockets of anti-vampire devices, he still is hesitant, while Allison is anything but. Her euphoria about the kill is turning him off, and he steps out to talk Annie. While hashing it out, Emrys shares an article in the paper, showing Allison's parents looking for her. When Tom goes up to the room to see Allison, she is gone, along with his crucifix and stake.

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At the warehouse, Goldie is looking for Kane, who se know is dead. She discovers he was set up by Cutler, and isn't happy. They are joined by Allison, who wants to help Cutler. Goldie goes after her. Back at the B&B, Annie is chatting with Emrys, who is trying to work Annie. But soon he tells her the world is pretty and neat the way she wants it to be. When Hal comes in, she turns Eve over to him and takes Emrys out. At the warehouse, Cutler watches as Goldie beats and kicks Allison.

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Just as she is about to stake Goldie, Tom stops her. He doesn't want her to kill, for it will change her forever. She should go home to the parents who love her. She needs to accept herself as perfect, and stay that way. She lets Goldie go, despite Cutler's objections. Neither is Goldie. But Allison tells her that vampires and werewolves do not have to be enemies. Why can't we all just get along? She wants to shake Goldie's hand, only Goldie tries to hurt her. And Cutler stakes Goldie. Back at the B&B, Hal is reading the paper when Allison and Tom return, and asks about the leaks to the press. They think they have stopped them, now that Goldie is gone. They ask about Alex, and Hal is sure she is gone - not dead, just put off by his issues. He thinks the routines of working out and organizing helped him to resist the urge to drink her blood. They accuse Hal of being afraid, and have a laugh at his expense. Tom calls Alex's number, and hands the phone over. Hal is freaked, but tries to leave a message.

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While he talks, Tom and Allison slip away, and Tom tells her he doesn't want to see her again. He pushes her away, wanting her to return to her family. It hurts, but he must let her go.We hear the beautiful song The Organ In Your Chest by Colin Smith.

They kiss before she leaves. When she leaves, he is crushed. Annie brought Emrys to the home of his ex-wife, and the two turn their world upside down. Seems his unfinished business was letting them know how hurt he was. His door appears. But there is a voice calling to Annie. The door opens again, but it is that girl who wants Eve dead. She introduces herself. It is Eve.

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Now we can start with the new episode, Making History. This is the seventh of eight for this season, and it seems like it has flown by. And speaking of time flying, the new episode starts in 1950, with a handsome Hal in police custody, getting some assistance from a lawyer, Cutler. Hal is looking for Cutler to work for him, since his current attorney has met an untimely death, in about four days. Cutler resists at first, but Hal tells him he is destined to become a history maker. Hal then asks the officer with them to step out and close the door. And that is when Cutler became a vampire. Back to the warehouse that is the home base for the vampires, where Cutler is telling others about his plans to welcome the Old Ones. He wants to do something special to pay tribute to them. It is then that someone walks in, interrupting the talk. It is Hal, who immediately recognizes Cutler. Annie is with Eve, well, the adult Eve from the future. She calls Annie "Mom, and wants to talk. Annie is unsure, hesitant. They go off together. Back in the warehouse, Cutler gives Hal a hug, and it is very uncomfortable. They break apart, and Hal wants to know why Cutler is releasing false reports. Cutler orders a decanter and glasses, so the friends can drink together. He introduces Hal as a monster, the things they did together. He offers Hal a glass of blood. It freaks Hal out, and he runs. He goes back to the B&B, and is working out. Sadly, with his shirt on. Tom comes in, with baby Eve in his arms. He chats with Hal about Hal's date tonight with Alex. Despite some protests from Hal, Tom leaves the vampire with the baby.

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Cut to Hal and Cutler burying a body back in the 50s. Hal is trying to teach Cutler to kill, something he has yet to do. Cutler is startled by a knock on his office door. It is Tom. Cutler wants to work with Tom to kill the Old Ones, but Tom doesn't want to be used as a weapon any longer. He refuses, and Cutler offers to take him for dinner.

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Back on the docks, Annie is chatting with Eve. Eve tells her that they are just days away from the fall of humanity, at least the way it happened in her lifetime. It starts with the arrival of the Old Ones. That is when vampires went public and took over. And when Annie and Tom tried to escape it, but the vampires were killing everyone. There is more to tell, Eve says to Annie. The song opening bars of The Heavy's song Who Needs The Sunshine plays.

Hal walks up to a door, convincing himself he can do this. He goes in, and sees Cutler. Cutler admits Hal was in his thoughts lately, and wondered why he walked away from the life they all enjoyed. Cutler was hurt, feeling left behind by his father. Cutler tells of wanting to do something big, something memorable once the Old Ones arrive. Hal wants to know what, perhaps he could help. He is distracted as Cutler pours some blood out of the decanter. It is placed in font of him. If Hal drinks the blood, Cutler will tell him the plan. Back in the 50s, Cutler is struggling being a vampire, and Hal is not happy about that. He meets Mrs. Cutler, and wants Cutler to kill her. Back in the warehouse, Hal struggles, but finally drinks the blood. Eve is still talking to Annie, trying to convince her she is Eve.

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Back in a bar, we see Alex drinking, waiting for Hal, who is late. He arrives, but is obviously under the influence of the blood. He tells her he likes her lips, her neck... He is scaring her a bit. He continues, and she mentions sex. He doesn't want sex, he wants to hurt her. She walks out of the bar, hurt and angry. He stays at the bar, jonesing. A guy follows her out. Eve takes Annie onto the grounds of an estate, talking about Tom. Annie talks about him, until Eve says this is where he died. They are at the site of the camps set up for the humans and the werewolves, kept by the vampires. He died in a dogfight. Annie, hurt by losing all her friends, blew away, like smoke on a breeze. Hal returns to the B&B, and that means Tom can go out on his own. He talks non-stop, and doesn't notice Hal is struggling. Tom meets Cutler for a fancy dinner, and the restaurant requires a tie. Of course he doesn't know how to tie on, and Cutler must do it. Tom talks about wanting to improve himself so he might be able to get back with Allison. Cutler plans seeds of doubt about the relationship. At the B&B, Hal has nodded out on the kitchen counter, awakened by Eve's cry.

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Back to Annie, she is being shown the future by Eve, when Hal becomes the Hitler of the Vampires. Seems he went back to being the evil Hal. Back at the B&B, Hal is picking up Eve. Back to the future, big Eve is convincing Annie about Hal, and wants to to show her one more thing. Back at the B&B, Tom comes home, and calls out to Hal and Annie, seeing who is home. He goes upstairs to find Hal sleeping, with Baby Eve in his lap. Tom puts her in the crib. Hal starts to insult him, and Tom realizes what is affecting him - blood. He pulls him out of the room. Hal thinks Annie is never returning. Turns out, Hal is mean on blood. He mocks Tom for being naive, and that no matter what, they might pretend to be human, but they are all monsters. He walks away. It gives Tom pause, and soon he is on the phone to Cutler, and willing to be a weapon.

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We see Hal in his bed, shirtless, going through detox after his drinking. Soon he is up, and out of the B&B. He goes to see Cutler, and we have flashbacks between present day and 1950, where Cutler is tempting Hal, and Hal tempting Cutler with blood. This is a terrible cat and mouse game. One that Hal does not win. Flash back to 1950, and vampires laughing as Cutler gulps down the blood. Back to today, Cutler tells Hal about the coming event, when a werewolf transforms in front of an audience, in front of the Old Ones. This is Cutler's way of being a "history maker," like Hal had promised him 60 years ago.

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What will happen in the last 20 minutes of the Making History? Will Tom take on the Old Ones? Can Annie and Eve trust one another? Can Hal resist the urges to drink more blood? What is Cutler's plan with the Old Ones? Can Eve save the world? Watch Saturday night, 9PM/8 Central on BBC America. Need to see a preview? Watch this...

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