Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GLEE Redux • Dance With Somebody

Tonight is the long-awaited Whitney Houston episode, an evening dedicated to the music of the late legendary singer. I feel confident that, perhaps for the first time in a bit, the producers will allow someone other than Blaine and a guest star to sing all songs. In fact, I am kinda excited to hear Mercedes, Santana, and Rachel get a chance. Might be nice to hear from Puck, too.

Glee - Dance With Somebody Glee - Dance With Somebody Glee - Dance With Somebody
Glee - Dance With Somebody Glee - Dance With Somebody

The episode begins with Kurt, Santana and Rachel meeting at Mercedes' locker, and start singing How Will I Know.

It is a lovely moment for all. Quite nicely done. Mr. Schue is chatting with Ms. Pillsbury, talking about how the death of Whitney Houston has effected the kids, and she remembers how the death of Princess Diana took a toll on her. It gives Mr. Schue an idea, and he goes into the class to announce the assignment. The kids must pick a Whitney song that will really speak for them. Kurt is, of course, quite excited, and after class talks to a distracted Blaine. He asks boyfirned Blaine to go with him to check out music, but Blaine can't join him at Between The Sheets, the music store. While Kurt is at the store alone, a boy starts a conversation with him, and eventually asks for his number. That gives Kurt pause. Back in the choir room, Brittany sings I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me).

She pulls Santana up to join her, and this is wonderful, frothy fun. Afterwards, Brittany announces that in her dreams, Quinn is dancing with them. Quinn looks hurt. After class, the dread-locked Christian boy Joe asks to go with Quinn to her physical therapy appointments. Quinn looks interested. Rachel catches Kurt getting a playful text, and assumes it is from Blaine. It is not, and there is some debate about the innocence of them. Back in the chorus room, Joe and Quinn step up for their song, and they do Saving All My Love for You.

We see the flirtation of the physical therapy appointments, and Joe pulling back. Quinn does as well, and seems hurt. Back in the school, Santana and Rachel team up to sing So Emotional.

The kids are loving it, and some have their phones out, videoing the girls. It is quite fun, and both sound great. And Kurt is giggling about an incoming text. Blaine notices, and looks hurt. In the bathroom, the girls joke about Quinn's relationship with Joe. She stops them all short, telling them Joe isn't interested in her and her chair. Joe is in the locker room, asking Sam about handling "those" feelings. "The one's in your pants," Sam clarifies. They talk about being a Christian, and how it won't allow sex. Sam mentions that tattoos are taboo, but that didn't stop Joe, did it. Joe has to learn to define himself, not just let others define him. Kurt walks into his room to an angry Blaine, who has been sitting there as the texts have poured in. He accuses Kurt of being unfaithful, with those texts. Kurt mentions the pain of being Blaine's boyfriend, once a star, now a supporting player. Blaine talks about changing his life to be with Kurt. Both are talking, but neither really listens. This ignites Blaine to sing It's Not Right But It's Okay.

Blaine storms out, and Kurt looks devastated. Rachel goes up to Santana to cement their new-found friendship. They realize there is just about a month and a half until graduation, and how much time they have wasted as enemies. Kurt and his Dad get a moment together, and talk about what is happening. Monumental changes are coming, and they both are avoiding what that entails - a separation. Kurt realizes what is happening, and relates it to his struggles with Blaine. In the chorus room, he sings I Have Nothing.

He sings it to Blaine, who sits there looking teary-eyed. In fact, all the kids seem to pull a bit closer to loved ones. Back in the locker room, Puck hands out little presents he has stolen from houses on his pool route. He wants to recall all the bro-ments he has shared with the boys. Ms Pillsbury is chatting with Kurt and Blaine, trying to help they through their problems. Both boys open up and finally start to listen and talk to one another, and Blaine talks of his feelings of being left behind by Kurt, and his being alone next year while Kurt is in New York with Rachel. They cry, and hug. Mr. Schue is greeting Ms. Pillsbury with champagne, talking about having their wedding at a campgrounds. She quickly realizes he is in a hurry to have the wedding before the kids leave for he also is feeling left behind by students he holds so dear. Back in physical therapy, Quinn feels Joe's erection while he helps her with her exercises. They talk, and both are unsure as to what it is, but both want to take their time and discover it together. Blaine greets Kurt at his locker, and wants to blow of the optional Glee practice to go make out. No one will be there, they all have other plans. Kurt wants to savor the few Glee practices they have together. They go, and find Mercedes and Artie are singing My Love Is Your Love.

One by one, they all come back in to join in the song. There is a real sweetness, and a purity to this cover. Mr. Schue is the last to arrive, and he is moved they all made time for Glee, for their very special time together. There should be a group hug, but instead, they pass around a picture of Whitney Houston. Not that different, really.

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