Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GLEE Redux • Saturday Night Glee-ver

This is the my own version of the recap for the latest episode of GLEE, Saturday Night Glee-ver. I tell the Glee story, but use the music and videos of the original artist. This week the show will feature the soundtrack to the movie that helped take Disco to the top of the charts, Saturday Night Fever. Much of the soundtrack was written and performed by the brothers Gibb, better known as The Beegees.

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Glee-ver opens with a bunch of action happening quickly. Rachel is not willing to put off her future in New York to follow Finn to California. Remember, he plans to partner with Puck in a pool cleaning business in LA. Finn suddenly realizes Rachel is self-centered, it seems. A member of another glee club comes to Kurt and Mercedes, to ask what they thought of his idea to take the regional stage in full drag, as his alter-personae, Unique. Mr. Schue and Coach Sue team up to try to get some of the students to focus on their own future. They decide to employ the soundtrack to the movie and music sensation, Saturday Night Fever. To get the kids on board, they perform Night Fever by The Beegees.

Santana, Mercedes, and Finn are finalists for the white suit, so Mr. Schue assigns them to do a song off the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, and hope it helps them define and chase their own dreams. Mercedes is not impressed by the assignment, and hits the halls and stage singing the Trammps great hit, Disco Inferno.

It turns out Mercedes dream is to be Aretha, Mariah, and Whitney, rest her soul. She wants to be a big-time diva, but doesn't know if she can figure out how, or if she really can. Next up, we have Santana ready to take on the world with Yvonne Elliman's If I Can't Have You.

Instead of being her proclamation of love to Brittany, and their desire for same sex marriage laws, Santana declares it is really a song about her need and desire for fame. Rachel tweets for Finn to come to the auditorium, when she tells him how she has missed him since they fought, and maybe they need to spend time helping him define his dream. Then she sings the Beegees huge hit, How Deep Is Your Love, for him.

Sue calls Kurt and Mercedes to her office, for she overheard the advice to Wade, aka Unique. She wants them to tell him to go forward with the drag, and even supplies a pair of heels in size 13. She hopes this would be the ruin of his team, Vocal Adrenaline. Brittany tells Santana she is helping her achieve fame, and has posted a sex video of them online, to help her achieve fame. And she has plenty more ideas where that came from. Kurt and Mercedes stop by to visit Wade, the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, and tell him to not heed their advice to perform in drag. He is hurt, but decides to go forward with the plan, complete with the pumps sent by Kurt and Mercedes, but really Coach Sue. Unique takes to the stage to sing Boogie Shoes, by KC and The Sunshine Band.

As soon as the number starts, Jesse St. James, the coach for Vocal Adrenaline, freaks out, and runs backstage to try to get Unique off the stage. He does not succeed, but the number ends with huge applause. Finn calls Rachel in to rehearse a new song with him, the Beegees' More Than a Woman.

He tells her he knows what he wants, and it is to go the New York and apply to be part of the Actor's Studio. She inspires him to follow his dream to be an actor. They kiss. Mercedes is in the hallway chatting with Kurt about how Wade, AKA Unique, took a risk, and it paid off. Then Sam steps up, and Kurt hurries away. He takes Mercedes to see a YouTube video he posted, of her singing Disco Inferno. It has gone viral, and people are loving it. He tells her they believe in her, and he does too. They kiss. Sue has called Santana and Brittany to her office, to tell of her disappointment in Santana and her drive for fame, no matter the cost. Santana sees that now, and is sorry. Sue is glad to hear it, for she has a scholarship for a University with a top cheerleader team. Santana is moved, and thanks both Sue and Brittany. Back in the chorus room, it is time for the winners to take the stage. Out come Finn, Mercedes and Santana, all who have found a way to not only define their dream, but they also found the courage to follow them as well. They come out in their white disco suits, singing a mash-up of the great songs of The Beeegees You Should Be Dancing and...

and the great Stayin' Alive.

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