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Being Human BBC • The War Child

Tonight at 9PM/8PM Central, BBC American will air the latest episode of the supernaturally good series Being Human. This episode is War Child, the season finale for the series. But before I start in on tonight's episode, I will begin where I left off for Making History. Well, the final 20 minutes. Remember back to last week, when Cutler and Hal are playing this odd cat and mouse game with blood. Hal is wining in 1950, but Cutler has the upper hand in 2012. He gives Hal a drink, then tells of his plan to take over the world, by exposing a big, scary werewolf to the humans, something even scarier than vampires. After all, you don't attack people, you scare them. Any politician knows that, don't they? Hal thinks this is insane, but Cutler wants to help him out.

BBC Being Human S4 E7 BBC Being Human S4 E7
BBC Being Human S4 E7 BBC Being Human S4 E7

Back in 1950, Hal escorts Cutler downstairs, and he discovers his wife was the source for the blood. In 2012, it was Alex who was the source. The victim became the monster, and the monster the victim. Hal is distraught, and figures out that Tom is the werewolf in question. Hal begs Cutler to stop. Cutler doesn't like that. But Hal doesn't think the vampires deserve the world Cutler wants to take. Cutler and his men leave, locking Hal in the basement alone. But he is soon joined by a ghost. No, not Annie, it is Alex. But speaking of Annie, she is still with big Eve, who, in fact, wants Annie to kill her, in baby form, that is. The missing section of the prophecy is that the War Child must die in order to save the world. But Annie can't kill Eve, for her arm isn't burnt. Well, it seems like Eve has the burnt arm, when she was branded as human by the vampires.

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Eve is both the Savior and the Nemesis, all wrapped in one. Back in the basement, Hal is trying help Alex, but she is just angry. Back with Annie and Eve, Annie must return home, and not save Eve. She is torn. She gets back just as Tom is leaving to transform. She tells him they might have to do terrible things because of the return of the Old Ones, and he agrees. Cutler is outside to pick up Tom and bring him to the Old Ones. He hears Eve cry, and is perplexed, but goes forward as planned. Hal is trying to get Alex to ghost out of the room to open the locked door, and Culter has arrived with Tom, setting up for the event. He locks Tom in a room, and tells him it will make his Dad proud. Alex and Hal fight as she tries to figure out how to transport. The club starts to fill with people, and Tom smells them, and is fearful of turning with them around.

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Alex opens the door for Hal, but realizes she really is dead. Hal tries to rush away to help Tom, but she is melting down. He asks her to go with him, to sort out Tom, the her. Tom is transforming in the closet as the humans dance outside his door. Hal runs in the disco, and yells for everyone to get out. No one hears him over the din. But they all hear as Tom howls, and Cutler orders the door opened. As Tom walks into the club, they all pull out their smart phones and start taping. Hal yells for them to run, and they do. Only they meet up with a locked door. It is opened by Alex. With Cutler watching from the floor above, Tom and Hal face off alone. Tom leaps...

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Annie is alone with Eve at the B&B. She is singing Que Sera Sera to Eve, obviously distraught. The Old Ones are at the warehouse, apparently hungry.

Now that we are all caught up, it is time to start the final episode of this season, The War Child. At the beginning, a car pulls up to a railroad crossing and parks. A little girl is the backseat of a car, sleeping. A man is being interviewed. A vampire is talking to him about his travels, for he goes to see his dying father, with his daughter. Only, when pushed, it seems he cannot remember her eye color. He calls for Eve to run, and is soon killed by the vampire. He sends his men to follow Eve, and make sure she will get to her next meeting safely. Hmm.

BBC Being Human S4E8 BBC Being Human S4E8
BBC Being Human S4E8 Picture 7

Alex is chatting with Hal about why she is still a ghost, and he explains she must have some unfinished business. Tom comes out of the Police van, and agrees with Alex, it might be the need to beat up on Cutler. Alex waits inside the van, giving the boys room to talk. Tom admits he slipped up, and felt he could have hurt people and Hal at the club. Hal admits he drank blood. At first it was to gain Cutler's confidence, but the next time was because he could. Leo once told him "We are on the outside of humanity so we could guard it." Tom thinks they both messed up and don't deserve to do it. Hal thinks they both must earn that right again. The Old Ones are gathered at the warehouse, headed up by the vampire from the first scene.

Picture 8 BBC Being Human S4E8
BBC Being Human S4E8 BBC Being Human S4E8

They are joined by Cutler, who tells them the others are dead, killed by werewolves. The Old Ones want tribute to be paid, and demand it of Cutler. While this is happening, Hal, Alex and Tom come in the back and listen to what is being discussed. Hal is startled when he sees one of them. As Cutler discusses his plan of making humans so afraid of werewolves they will gladly accept the protection provided by the vampires, Hal grabs Tom and slips out the back again. Outside, Hal calls the head vampire Mr. Snow, "the worsts thing in the world." He was one of the first vampires, and Hal must get away from him, or fears what he might do. He couldn't say no to Snow. Back inside, Cutler is trying to find news reports of the werewolf loose in the dance club, but cannot. The Old Ones are tired of his antics, as is the werewolf guard. He threatens him with wolf blood, and Mr Snow still wants a tribute. Cutler offers up The War Child, the young infant Eve. It is then Mr Snow tells him Eve must live, for if she dies, Humanity will return to power. The missing "parchment" is revealed, and it is true. Mr. Snow points out Cutler's failure, how he is irrelevant, so much so Snow has already forgotten his name.

Picture 14 BBC Being Human S4E8
BBC Being Human S4E8 BBC Being Human S4E8

Cutler is dragged out, screaming he will not be forgotten. Back at the B&B, Annie is thinking about her discussion with grown up Eve, when Hal, Tom and Alex return home. Hal is angry, asking where she'd been. She tells him she was in the future, with grown-up Eve. She tells them she now knows what happens to herself, how Tom dies, and the monster Hal becomes. She saw some terrible times in the future, and what she must do to prevent that is so very hard. She must kill Eve. Hal asks about the nemesis, the one with the burnt arm. It is Eve, Annie explains. The vampires burnt Eve's arm. She is both the Savior and the Nemesis. But how can Annie hurt a child? Would she be able to allow someone else to hurt her? Annie cries. Tom wants to blow up the Old Ones, and keep Eve safe. They leave Alex with Annie to protect Eve. The boys go to the cafe, so Tom can build a bomb. Tom pulls together random ingredients, and laughs that Hal believed he was going to build a pool in the back yard. His daddy, McNair, always told him to "be kind and polite, and have the materials to build a bomb." Hal is impressed, and even more so when he hears the plan, with Tom making himself a suicide bomber. So impressed, he offers to join him, and actually shakes Tom's hand!

BBC Being Human S4E8 BBC Being Human S4E8
BBC Being Human S4E8 BBC Being Human S4E8

Back at the B&B, Alex is struggling to talk to Annie, for she is used to guys, not girls. But soon they are chatting about ghostly things, and Annie is offering tips. At the cafe, Tom is mixing up his bombs, when he gets a visit from Milo, the werewolf henchman for the vampires. He wants to assure Eve is safe, and in the arms of the vampires. Tom fights him at first, bringing up honor to a man trying to make the best of a bad situation. The ladies are getting along well at the B&B, with Annie giving survival tips to Alex. But they are interrupted by Cutler banging on the door. He breaks it in, and domes in, burning as he goes. Alex is confused, and Annie conflicted. As Cutler is about to kill Eve, Annie stakes the vampire, despite grown-up Eve fighting it. She holds Eve tight, and tells Alex to get Hal, take care of her unfinished business, for this is when it becomes ugly for all. At the cafe, Alex is waiting for Hal, and she just wants to find her passage to the other side.

BBC Being Human S4E8 BBC Being Human S4E8
BBC Being Human S4E8

They go to the club, and discover the story has been covered up to be a bomb scare, not a werewolf attack, and there is no mention of Alex's body being discovered. She takes him in a back way, and find her body in the same state it was left. She wants Hal to remove the tubes and all, so her family doesn't have to know what happened. He does, and the police in to clean up the body. The one in charge almost follows Alex, and senses there are others there. They leave, and Hal suggests she follows the body to see who they are. When she rent-a-ghosts out, he goes to drink the maggot-infested blood on the floor. When she comes back to tell of the van they put her in, she finds him sucking off the floor. She then realizes how deep his need for blood goes. Hal returns to the cafe, and finds Mr. Snow there...

What will happen in the last 20 minutes of the The War Child? Will Tom go suicide bomber on the Old Ones? Does Annie believe what Eve told her about what must happen? Can Hal resist the urges to drink more blood? What is Cutler's plan with the Old Ones? Can a ghost, vampire and werewolf safe Eve without causing upheaval in the world? Watch Saturday night, 9PM/8 Central on BBC America. Need to see a preview? Watch this...

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