Monday, September 5, 2011

Look For The Union Label...

International Ladies Garment Workers Union

To celebrate the holiday and the people the holiday was meant to honor, here is a commercial from 1978 that gives me chills. How far have we come, when the governor of the state of Wisconsin can find pride in the fact he is breaking unions, and treat the working class is such a lack of respect. I remember growing up watching commercials like this, and realizing the working class were the backbone of this country, not the wealthy. I thought that was proven true with the failure of Reagan's Trickle-Down Economic theories, which brought about the 1990 recession. Taking from the poor to give back to the rich has never worked, no matter how loud the proponents of a Laissez-Faire system scream.

If only the Tea Party understood history.


  1. haven't heard this one but i like

  2. AMEN!!!

    I remember my conservative father grumbling about this commercial back in the day ... tee hee.


  3. Becca, glad you like it!

    David, Mwah!



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