Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cover Boy • Michael Lowman

Michael Lowman is a handsome young singer/songwriter from South Africa I first wrote about a little over a year ago. There is something about his voice, there is this husk in the tone I really like. I am quite happy his EP, In My Own Words, is in my collection. But, like every musician, he has more than one cover he likes to play. The first one I'd like to post is his version of David Gray's This Year's Love, from Gray's album White Ladder.

I love his way with a song, the nice phrasing he has with a song like that. But I was totally surprised when I saw his version of a song I didn't really like very much, Owl City's Fireflies. He adds a certain charm and depth to the song. Check it out.

Now, when it comes down to it, I really do prefer him doing his own music, like on In My Own Words. One of my favorites off the EP was Inside (Looking Out). But I also love The One For You, with it's slightly bluesy feel.

For more about Michael Lowman, you can find him on FaceBook here, on Tumblr here, and on Twitter here. You can find his EP on iTunes here, and on Amazon here. I really was impressed by the EP, and think it should be a part of everybody's collection.


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