Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brett Gleason

Brett Gleason

Well, it is time to wish Brett Gleason a very happy birthday, and figure out what to give him. I mean, it could be tough, since he has the talent and those sexy good looks. What to give him, hmmm. While I think about it, how about another look at his video for I Am Not?

Well, it seems to me there are only three options here. The first is to stop by his Facebook page here and wish him a a great day. Or, the second option is to think about an investment in his new album, The Thawing. You can sign up for a gift of $1 or $1,000, and anything in between. With only a few days left to sign up, now would be a perfect time! Check it out!

On his Kickstarter page, you can see there are many options, and no matter the choice, you get something for your money. I've already chosen how I will support this great out and proud artist, but if you'd like an idea of what you can do, read on! For $5, you can download a couple of songs from The Dissonance. For $10, you can get those downloads, plus a sneak peak at some new music. $25 gets you that, and a sneak peak at all five tracks as they become ready. For $50, you get an autographed copy of The Dissonance, as well as the peaks at the tracks. For $100, you can get a hand-made t-shirt on top of the rest. Well, you get the idea, and can check it out for yourself. Would you like to see your name in the credits of the EP? Have the chance to get a "thank you" in New York City in person? Or how about a private music lesson? All is possible, so check it out! Visit Brett on Kickstarter!

Brett Gleason

Or the third option, which is to purchase his debut, The Dissonance. You can find it on iTunes here, Amazon here, or CD Baby here. And once you have done that, be sure to go to Twitter @BrettGleason and offer him the salutations of the day.


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