Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dudley Saunders • Monster

The amazing Dudley Saunders has released a new track while he is working on his upcoming album. Monster is just a beautiful song, one I couldn't wait to purchase. It is available here, and the money will help fund the completion of the new album, already in progress. But I am getting ahead of myself. Here is Dudley performing Monster live at a recent show at Kulak's Woodshed.

Wasn't that amazing? If you thought so, take a moment to vote for Dudley in 10th Annual Mountain Stage New Song Competition here. Just scroll down and place your vote. You can find out more about Dudley by visiting his official website here. The new album will be the first since the 2007 release, The Emergency Lane. You can purchase it on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby. And you can get a great song now, and hear the rest of the album a bit sooner. Purchase Monster here now!


  1. I love when you introduce me to new artists. I love this guy... & I hate to bring it down to this level, but I think he is hot.

  2. Stephen, so glad to introduce you to new music! I do love Dudley's music, but will also admit I find him to be so very handsome. Woof!



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