Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Christopher Dallman!

Today we celebrate the birthday of the talented and sexy singer/songwriter Christopher Dallman. I'd like to kick off the party with a video made by a fan, with pictures of the handsome birthday boy, and music from his Sad Britney EP. This is Christopher Dallman's Toxic.

I'd also like to feature another song with a video made by someone other than Christopher. Made by MarriageNYEquality, who stated "This video was made in protest of California Proposition 8 and to raise awareness about the importance of marriage equality. Anthem is written and performed by Christopher Dallman. This video features Candy Samples and is directed/edited by Fred Anguera. Filmed by Rob Martin, Cristina Wolf and Fred Anguera." Here is a video for Christopher Dallman's Anthem.

Now, I was contemplating what to get him for his birthday, but then it occurred to me what would be perfect. I will wish him salutations of the day today, but next Tuesday, I am gonna buy his new album, Light The Love, and remind everyone else to do the same! So, you can offer Christopher your wishes on Twitter here, on Facebook here, but be prepared to treat yourself to some great music on Tuesday. you know, as a gift for Chris... Not for yourself. Well, kinda for yourself....


  1. he sounds amazing will have to go listen to more of his music

  2. Becca, he is amazing. I have all his music.

    Christopher, thank you so much for stopping by! Hope your day was great!



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