Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christopher Dallman • Light The Love EP

Christopher Dallman - Light The Love Cover

Light The Love is here, and I couldn't be more excited! I quickly ask myself what do I love most about Christopher Dallman, and I am not sure I have an answer for that one. Certainly, his textured and nuanced vocals figure in greatly. Could it be the soul searching lyrics, his ability to ask the questions I often ask myself? Or the deft hand with the melody that sets him apart? I'd have to go with "D," all of the above. I love just about everything about his music, and get so damn giddy when he is close to releasing another. Yes, I have obsessively collected them all! Like now, with Light The Love.

Christopher Dallman

So, it is downloaded, and I have listened twice. I want more, but decide to get my first impressions on here. Buy it. Buy it now. I love this 5-song collection. The first cut gives the EP the title. It is amazing, and I can't help but get excited. I found this bootleg clip of Dallman performing the song out West to you to get a feeling.

So let me return to the details. Light The Love is the latest EP by the talented singer/songwriter Christopher Dallman, released today,September 27, 2011. Dallman wrote all five songs on the EP. George Sanford, a talented man in his own right, served as producer for the effort. The first two tracks, Light The Love and Count The Shadows, have not been recorded before. The are amazing songs, as you can hear in the clip above. The next two tracks, Subterranean and Hard To Breathe, could be found on the EP Live In LA he released in the summer of 2010. Needless to say, the performance has grown since that first live show, and it is so nice to hear them. The final cut, Right On Time, could be found on his first album, Race The Light, released eight years ago. What an amazing song to revisit, and to really give a new treatment to.

So, yeah, I love this thing. And I think you should cough up the money to buy it - I mean, it is under $5. The songs are exceptional, and should be in your collection. You owe it to you ears, your heart, and your soul. You can find Light The Love on iTunes here and on Amazon here. And you can learn more about Christopher Dallman by stopping by his official website here. Did you buy it yet? Yeah, I knew you'd love it, too.


  1. He's such a nice guy and his voice is an amazing warming gift to anyones ears.

  2. Jase, so very true. I just love him. To paraphrase The Police, "Every little thing he does is magic..."



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