Friday, November 12, 2010

How Just Are Just Desserts?


I have been watching BravoTv's Just Desserts, mainly because of my love for Top Chef, and my admiration for Gail Simmons. Little by little, the show has been losing my interest, save for the completely adorable Yigit. The majority of the cast has veered between annoying to uninteresting. Gail has been allowed to fade away, while the overly-coifed Johnny Iuzzini seems to hog more and more of the screen. In this last episode, I was also shocked by something said by a competitor on the show that went unaddressed. I have been contemplating writing the show off, but when I saw the preview for the final episode, I couldn't help to be both intrigued, with shots of Yigit shirtless, and offended, as Morgan's remarks were not only repeated, but he added to the legacy.

I'll cop to the fact I haven't been a fan of Morgan for some time, as I just find his testosterone-laden personality rather gross. But the fact he managed to compare contestant Zac to a screaming little girl, and go on to call him a fairy without so much as a correction from Bravo or from hosts Gail or Johnny, well, makes me loose respect for the network and the participants. At a time when bullying from characters like Morgan is being discussed worldwide, it seems to me it is so very disappointing Bravo is allowing this to not only get out, but be part of the promotion. If I were chatting with Andy Cohen, I would have to make this a 'Jackhole' moment, at least for me. But a big 'Mazel' for the shirtless moments with the adorable Yigit. Whether or not it is enough to tempt me to watch the final is another matter altogether.


  1. I haven't seen it in 3 weeks - I pretty much lost interest also. But Yigit is just too adorable.


  2. David, Gail & 'girls' just aren't featured enough, right?



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