Friday, November 12, 2010

Josh Groban - Hidden Away

Illuminations cover
Photobucket L'Ora Dell'Addio videocap

On Monday, November 15th, Josh Groban will release a new album, Illuminations. I'll admit it, I am a Grobanite, and am very excited about the news. Like giggly excited. I know, I'm just not right sometimes. But his voice just amazes me. I am totally infatuated by it. There are times I think I could listen to him singing anything. In preparation of the new album, a new video was released. The song is Hidden Away. It is an anthemic pop ballad, and the song available on iTunes here.

And here is a preview of another song, L'Ora Dell'Addio. This is way more the traditional fair for Groban, more Classical in nature, and his voice is sublime singing it. Yes, I've already purchased the single. You can too, here.

For more about Josh Groban, you can check out his official website here. You can find him on Twitter here. And we all know what I will be doing first chance I get - DL'ing Illuminations!


  1. I can't wait for it either. I love him! SWOON

  2. Josh Groban. Oh, Howard. I love you but you're correct. Sometimes you are just not right. LOL.
    But I won't hold it against you!

  3. RobertGA, I understand.

    Jeffrey, we all have our own pleasures. :-)



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