Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Morning with Theo Tams


I recently came across this clip on YouTube as I was searching for songs by my favorite Canadian artist, Theo Tams. It immediately made me think how wonderful it would be to wake up on a chilly Sunday morning, and stay wrapped in a blanket and listen to his sweet voice singing a cover of One of Us by the amazing Joan Osborne.

I have been thinking of Theo since I purchased a ticket to see an online concert (here) on December 10th. After I had a memorable trip to Toronto to catch a few shows, the thought of being able to enjoy a live performance of Theo singing his first hit, Lazy Lovers, seemed like a perfect tonic to the change in the weather.

And in case you need to perk up a little bit, here is Theo putting a little bit of swing into the song The Sweet Ones. So nice when Theo puts a touch of growl in that beautiful voice of his.


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