Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day Special


Today is election day, and we can all take solace in the fact that political commercials will be a thing of the past soon. Frankly, that sounds like nirvana to me, no longer having to hear the vitriol spewed by candidates and special interest groups. Much of what was said has little to do with issues or the truth. But before we celebrate too much, we must remember to


I would like to think we are voting to end the bickering and to return to polite discourse, and veer away from the name-calling and demonizing that has dominated the political landscape. I long for the days when a political discussion can be more like adults exchanging ideas and views and less like a junior high fight. After all, issues are important to me, not talking points and sound bites. Making grand, sweeping statements that are often little more than a swat at another candidate or party is really just a way to turn me off rather than engage me. Give me an idea where you stand, and I can start making an informed decision. I refuse to sit on my hands and let the views of those I could never agree with nor support. Their extreme views/opinions will not go unanswered, and I will voice my own view. I have a voice, and will use it. Whether or not my candidates win, I will continue to vote to let my voice be heard.


Despite all the commercials and the clips on the 24-hour news stations, I have made my decision. I will be going to my polling place, and vote for the Senate and Congressional representative of my choice. And Attorney General. And many other local races. It is important to me, and should be important to you. To help celebrate this great day of democracy, I will offer up one of my favorites, Eric Himan, singing his Protest Song (Election Edition), recorded 2 years ago, just before the 2008 elections.

And please, vote.

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