Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post-Election Hangover

Chris Coons
John Carney Jr
Beau Biden
Top: Chris Coons. Middle: John Carney, Jr. Bottom: Beau Biden

After watching the election coverage for hours while I should have been coming up with a blog post, I got nothing, so to speak. A bit drained. Good news is that Democratic candidates Chris Coons won US Senator, John Carney, Jr. won Representative in Congress, and Beau Biden won the Attorney General race. The Tea Party candidates were sent packing, and after all the storm and fury over the races, it signified nothing.

To celebrate the wins, as well as the wins by several other great candidates across the nation, I am resurrecting an old campaign favorite. So here is Happy Days Are Here Again, only this version by Vanessa Williams when she was on the road to win Miss America in 1984.


  1. As an outsider it was interesting to watch the events unfold as the night turned to morning.

    I can only hope the happy days are here again, as you say, but, so far, I'm yet to be convinced.

  2. great song choice... things will get better

  3. Jason, this is a song I really thing of as being a political theme song, and while the entire country might not feel that way, here is my tiny state, I know I was feeling a bit of relief the Tea Party candidates were sent to party elsewhere.

    Wonder Man, thanks! Indeed, they will get better.



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