Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GLEE Redux - Special Education

Elaine Paige as Evita Mike   the Mechanics
Train Dirty Dancing cover
The Zutons Florence and the Machine
Clockwise from top left: Elaine Paige, Mike + the Mechanics, Dirty Dancing, Florence and the Machine, the Zutons, and Train.

Once again I am recapping the latest episode of Glee, only using the videos of the original songs rather than the covers. Hope you enjoy.

As Mr. Shue discusses his thoughts on sectionals with Miss Pillsbury, she basically calls him out on his lack of vision. He seems to get it. But first, he tells Puck to go get another member for the squad, since they are down one. Puck talks to the football team, who are less than impressed. He ends up locked in a port-a-potty all night long. He decides he needs to mix it up - there is some talent he has been ignoring. Finn and Rachel will not be singing solos. Sam and Quinn will be doing that this time. Brittany will be dancing the lead with Mike Chang, and her boyfriend Arnie gives her his 'magic' comb, to help her confidence. Kurt gets to babysit a parakeet and a chance to audition for a solo.

As Rachel breaks down about not having a lead, and Santana kicks her while she hissy fits - and tells her about having sex with Finn last year. She is approached by Puck, who is being nice to Jews since the potty incident. She notices his steroid-induced muscles. Tina tells Arnie that Brittany is cheating with Mike, and while he defends her, the thought is out there. Kurt comes to Rachel for a bit of advice on preparing for the solo audition, and the two start to bond in a way they never have before. She helps Kurt prepare with the song Don't Cry For Me Argentina, sung by Elaine Paige in the original London production of Evita.

Kurt makes it to the auditions, and doesn't make the cut to the next round. Blaine explains he was trying a bit hard, and the Warblers are all about the team, about assimilating, not about being an individual. When everyone gets to sectionals, Kurt and Rachel share another moment at the snack bar, and hug. Backstage, Arnie and Tina are not happy, and the New Directions seem to be at one another's throats. Mr. Shue has to yell at them to get them back on track. And tells them to come together, and act like ladies and gentleman, to support each other, and the other teams. The Warren Township Hipsters perform Mike + the Mechanics song, The Living Years, in the style of, well, The New Directions!

Blaine, Kurt and the Warblers sing Hey Soul Sister by Train. Of course, Blaine is singing lead.

It is time for the New Directions to perform. Before they go on, Brittany and Arnie have a discussion, and he finds out she didn't stray, she just lost the lucky comb. Soon, it is time for Sam & Quinn to sing (I've Had) The Time of My Life, the theme from Dirty Dancing sung by Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley.

Santana sings the Zutons song Valerie while Brittany and Mike dance the lead.

The competition is over, and the competition declares a tie between the New Directions and the Warblers - they will both go to Regional Championships! Upon returning to the school, Mr. Shue talks to Miss Pillsbury, and she tells him she is no longer a single woman, but a Dentist's wife. Rachel talks to Finn, and admits she tried to have sex with Puck to even the score, but he wouldn't. Finn loses it, and breaks up with her. The kids meet with Mr. Shue in the Glee room, and Rachel is offered the solo to her. She declines, giving it to 'the unsung heroes,' Mercedes and Tina. The step up and sing Florence & the Machine's song Dog Days Are Over.

There is lots of hugging when it is done, except for Rachel and Finn. End scene.


  1. Greg asked me tonight why there was a bunch of old folks competing in a High School show choir contest. I'll be damned if I could give him an answer. What's up with the old folks?

    I had forgotten about Mike & the Mechanics completely before tonight. I had/have such a huge crush on Mike!

    I wasn't digging tonight's episode. It was weird that they went straight into Sectionals with zero practice, especially since last year they spent most of the school year practicing their balls off. Very odd.

  2. I liked the weirdness of Rachel and Kurt singing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina." And for the record, I prefer Train's version of "Hey, Soul Sister."

  3. Cubby, have to agree, it was tough to figure that out, so I just attribute it to the willing suspension of disbelief. It wasn't the best episode, but there have been worse. Some interesting music, though!

    But Mike was definitely crushable!

    Behr, I didn't mind it, either. Thought it was interesting. And agree about the 'Hey Soul Sister.'

  4. Hi

    The next 5 on the fifth is a few days away...




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