Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Night with Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode
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It was 20 years ago this past March that the seminal album, Violator was released and solidified the position of a British band in music history. Keyboardist Andrew Fletcher, programmer/drummer Alan Wilder, vocalist David Gahan, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Marin Gore made up the core of the band, with Gore writing the entire album, which was a turn for the band toward a slighter darker side of life. It was their 7th album, as the band had released their first in 1981, when they had Vince Clarke on keyboards. But he left the band in late '81, and joined with Alison Moyet to form Yazoo, and later teamed up with Andy Bell to form Erasure. By the time 1990 rolled around, I was rushing out to buy the latest from Depeche Mode, who had moved from New Wave Pop to their own special brand of dark rock/pop. And when I got 'Violator' home and listened for the first time, I was near giddy with the joy of the great music. Dark and brooding, with a distinctive sexy feel, the entire album was worth listen after listen. The album made it to #7 on the Billboard album chart. Take, for example, the first single, "Personal Jesus". It made it to the Billboard Top 20, and was #3 on the Modern Rock charts.

The second single, "Enjoy The Silence", was also a great one, with an amazing sound that is unmistakably Depeche Mode. The song went to #8 on the Pop chart, and went #1 on the Modern Rock chart.

The third single could be my favorite off the album, "Policy of Truth". The guitar lick is just amazing, and I could listen to the song over and over again. While the song only made it to #15 on the Pop chart, it was the second straight #1 on the Modern Rock chart, and proved to be a sexy hit in the clubs too.

The final single off the album was "World In My Eyes". Although it didn't do as well on the charts as the previous songs, it certainly had a great, sexy vocal from Gahan that truly captured my attention.

On Tuesday, November 9, you can buy their latest, 'Depeche Mode: Tour Of The Univere', the live show recorded in Barcelona. You can get the CD from Amazon, or the DVD Amazon. For more about the band, you can check out their official website.


  1. If I were a stripper, World in My Eyes would be my song. Still love the whole album.

  2. LOL! Kailyn, it would be perfect! I think mine might be Policy of Truth, cause that guitar lick just does things to me....

  3. I remember doing roadwork listening to this fabulous release on my cassette player. Good memories! Long live DM!!

  4. This album was new wave reaching maturity. The band introduced for the 1st time guitars and added some of the darkest riffs to electronic. This band was the alpha and the omega of new wave.

    Personal Jesus is dark, beautiful and yet edgy - it's almost a perfect song!

  5. Big Mark, not so much roadwork for me as listening on the subway on my way to work...

    SteveA, somehow, I knew you would not be able to resist checking this one out. And you are totally correct!



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