Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nhojj - It Gets Better with Love


The OUTMusic Award winning artist has added his effort to the It Gets Better campaign the way he knows best by adding his songwriting skills and amazing voice to the chorus of people who speak to the LGBT Youth suffering from bullying and discrimination. Like the rest of Nhojj's music, Things Will Get Better is beautiful, with an ethereal quality and sung from the heart. But rather than have me blather on, this is the song.

It is availabe for purchase on Bandcamp for 99 cents. You can click here to buy it here. The lyrics to the song are:

Is this what they say?
Is this what they do?
That makes you want to fade away

Are these the words that they use?
Do they bully and abuse?
Just because you’re gay

Well I’ve been there before and I know how you feel
We all walk through this door
And somehow learn to live
And on the other side
You can stand with pride

Things will get better
Things will get brighter
I promise it will

Things will get better
Your days will look brighter
I promise it will

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
Love saves a child like me
I once was lost
But now I’m found
Was blind, but now I see

Things will get better
Life will shine brighter
I promise it will

Some will be nicer
Some will be kinder

Things will get better
Love will bring laughter

Things will get better
Love will bring laughter

Nhojj is no stranger to supporting others in the LGBT community. The out singer/songwriter won the OUTMusic Award from the song Love was voted 2009 Outstanding R&B/Soul Song of the Year, by The Alliance of LGBT Recording Artists & Performers. It marked the first time an African American male won an OMA. For the 2010 OMAs, the video for the song has been nominated.

Earlier this year, Nhojj made history a second time when his gay music video Love topped the MTV Music video chart. He has been featured in The Advocate,, and appeared on LOGO, New York 1, WNYE / WNYC TV Channel 25, an affiliate of the PBS Television Network. To find out more about this amazing artist, check out his official website here.



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