Friday, October 25, 2013

Oingo Boingo • Dead Man's Party

Oingo Boingo - Danny Elfman photo oingo_boingo_zpseb1f293c.jpg
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party photo Oingo-Boingo-1985-Dead-Mans-Party_zpsad8921fc.jpg

To get a start on the weekend before Halloween, I thought I would kick it off with a bit of the 1980s, with Oingo Boingo. The band, which featured the talented Danny Elfman, released an album in 1985, the intriguing 'Dead Man's Party'. All the songs on the album were written by Elfman, who had a love and understanding of the eccentric. But it was the title cut that seems like just the right song for the occasion, for how could you celebrate All Hallow's Eve without a "Dead Man's Party"?

The album also included the huge hit, "Weird Science". You can purchase Oingo Boingo's 'Dead Man's Party' from iTunes and Amazon.

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