Friday, October 4, 2013

Date Night • 'The Favor' Double Feature

The Favor photo Favor003_zps0d40c38b.jpg
The Favor photo Favor001_zps5798c952.jpg The Favor photo Favor002_zpse0ebb879.jpg
The Favor 2 photo Favor005_zpsa3262a47.jpg The Favor 2 photo Favor004_zpsc99db61d.jpg

Tonight I am proud to offer you a double feature of short comedies from Navaho Joe Films. The first up is 'The Favor', directed by Harrison J. Bahe, and starring Michael Henry & Bogdan Korishev as two friends. When Bogdan calls on Michael to ask a favor, their friendship takes an interesting twist as they try to figure out how to communicate with one another. I hope you enjoy 'The Favor'.

For the second short of the double feature, I have the sequel, 'The Favor 2'. Written by Bogdan Korishev and Harrison J. Bahe, it was directed and edited by Bahe. The film stars Frank Prell as a guy who gets a phone call from a buddy, played by RJ Serra. Once again, we discover communication problems between the buddies, and perhaps there is a mixed message or two involved. I hope you have a great laugh with 'The Favor 2'.

Have a great weekend!

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